After Action Report: |AAA| vs IG

Match: Infantry Ghosts versus Allied Airborne Army
Status: Challenge accepted by Allied Airborne Army
Date: Saturday 1 May 14:00 15:00 Eastern
Levels: mp_railyard/mp_bocage
Server: -]IG[-
Players: 7 x 7
Ladder: CoD S&D
Rules: Demos required: Yes
Disallow FG42: Disallow
Disallow Panzerfaust: Disallow
Sniper limit 1: No

Hello AAA,

The Infantry Ghosts wish you the best of luck in our up coming match on the ClanBase ladder “May 1st”. I personally wish you the best of luck and your team. Hopefully it will be a great game.

The game will be hosted on our NA (North American) public server , due to the Lag on our UK server. The server will be passworded and locked down. The server will remain public untill 10 mins before match time when it will be shut down and locked with a password. The password for the match will be “cbmatch”.

A conformation of the IP and password will be auto mailed, 24 hours in advance to this email address if any changes.

Thank you and good luck


The true but strange chronicles of AAA.

On May 1st at 14:00 hours a clear sunny day and AAA recon team of Nug, Sheriff, Huckelberry,Smurff, Bluefox, Shocker and SAR were in the Bocage district gathering intell when they were set upon by the likes of the infantry Ghosts.

Moving rapidly they swarmed our positions to which we defended with fury. We won the first round 7 – 3.

Upon switching teams AAA found them self in the Ghosts layer. We were broken up by small squads who ran to each objective and properly defended each to a score of 1 for us and 9 for the Ghost members.

Bluefox and Smurf were concistant while Nug and Sheriff held true to the norm. SAR having comm problems was struggling to keep pace but managed several key saves.

Once extracted from Bocage we landed in the rail yard where the ghost of battles lingered with us to a final out come of 7 wins for AAA and 13 Wins for the Ghpsts.

We found them to be an aggressive and spirited opponent to which they had there game face on. Obviously they play a lot of matches together and understand both the maps and each other well.

AAA did well but found them self dissected into small groups and were dispirited by there speed. Though we played well we lacked a homogenous and fluid interaction since we have not practiced or experienced the ghost maneuvers.

I would like to thank my fellow brothers and members for there support and hard work. We eagerly await a second chance since we now know what to expect. Until next time Infantry Ghost we will employe the ghost buster maneuver next time.

End of sat Comm Transmission SAR out.

Published on Saturday, May 1, 2004 at 10:48 PM