After Action Report: 325th GIR vs DOG

CoD 2: NA – 5v5 Search & Destroy (S1) League » Central/West Conference » American Division
Opponent Date: Drunken Old Guys 2/13/2006
Map: CoD2_dawnville

Conflict started at ten as usual. Weapons are as follows. Schmidt: Sniper, Tecumseh: MP44, I-man: MP44, Chicken: MP44, Dragon: Shotgun. The 325thGIR took the first seven rounds, Chicken and Dragon went church side, Chicken in the church with mp44 and dragon’s suppressing fire from ruins in the south. Tecumseh and I-man watched b-side via cafe, schmidt was on the sniper rifle. After suffering one loss in the the first half, the 325th took the first half easily. On offense 325th rushed A first few rounds with some shattered success. It started off rocky at first. However, the 325thGIR then seized control with constant nade spamming on the church, then invasion by chicken and dragon around the A flank, with Tecumseh and I-man flanking b, Schmidt with excellent sniping up the middle. The rushes to B seemed to have some success depending on how clumped together the enemy was on a given side. It was learned to have a very loose pattern when picking the plan, the enemy was confused most times it seemed, probably living up to their name.

A heartfelt congrats goes out to those who fought, greats job guys, Tecumseh got ride of the pesky few right when we need him to, Schmidt had some great shots with the little he could see. Chicken laid up the fire, racking up some heavy frags, I-man did the same, as well with Dragon. Great job Everyone, congrats on the first win.


Published on Monday, February 13, 2006 at 12:48 AM