After Action Report: 325th GIR vs HighRollerZ

CoD 2: NA – 5v5 Search & Destroy
Division ยป HighRollerZ

Ok we faced these before, it was the very first twl match we faced. What i remember from these guys is that they aren’t that very skilled. Last match they had better teamwork and knowledge of weapons. It is possible to win against these guys.

We need to practice the map. Our last match we did like 2 to 3 scrims on that map and we did pretty good on it. Saturday we need to get a scrim or 2 on that map. Ask around and see if any clans will be willing.

Ok I remember that their sniper was just picking us off so NO ONE get out in the open so he can get a clean shot. I will be sniper for this map, if u guys plant i will have the bomb covered.

And be careful of there, shotty guy was taking us out pretty easy to.

But practice scrims will really help us with the map and teamwork for the map. I cant stress that enough.


I would just like to say publicly, COGRATS! 325th GIR. Nice work guys on bringing home a victory.

19 – 5

Published on Monday, February 20, 2006 at 12:45 AM