After Action Report: |AAA| vs 106th Elite

AAA vs 106th Elite, Saturday, March 26th, 10pm Eastern.

Final Score: 11-4



NuG’s Comments:
Outstanding job on the victory men. I’d like to thank POW, and Mus, for staying up on duties, and getting valuable recon on the enemy. I’d also like to thank SAR for running a fantastically smooth server, and preparing us as well. Great job. I’ll post more on the strategies that worked when i get more time.

This match went incredibly smooth. The 106th was never really in the match (no disrespect to them). They hung back a lot and were never really aggressive and that hurt them mightily.

Pre-planning was huge for the AAA. NUG, SAR, POW and Mus all had a great grasp of what we were going to do ahead of time. I just followed orders………which works. (Can’t all be running the show everytime)

As far as I could tell the 106 used a high proportion of sniper rifles and the AAA had none. This also worked in our favor on this map especially.

Great job , and I also had alot of fun which is ultimately the point.

I would like to Thank Mus and Pow for the intel and work through the maps. Nug, Mus and I worked through several hours doing various attack and defencive scenarios. It was great when we all got there and went through the plan and as we executed it and adapted to the responses of the 106th is when the rewards happened.

Everyone kept there cool and concentrated on the match. Sith and Recon congrats on your first match and an excellenct preformence.

Mus and Recon were our distraction and harasement force. Mus was heard to say after the match to Recon ” Recon.. I may have missed telling you this but we will be the bait and sacrifice during the match”

In fact the TEAM did what had to be done to get the win…………

Whooough (Airborne and Special Ops Lingo for Understanding, I am dedicated and will chew nails if I am required to sir)

With this type of spirit and preformence I echo Rangers comment…..

Published on Saturday, March 26, 2005 at 11:36 PM