After Action Report: |AAA| vs 86th

Attn: HQ

Thanks to the Dutch resistance, we were informed that a certain town had very important documents pertaining the location of some 88’s that could cause havoc on our drop zones.
Upon hearing this Cpt.Nug assembled pathfinder squads to drop before the invading force.

The pathfinders took heavy casualties upon dropping from those pesky 88’s. Sgt Boz and Sgt I-MAN assembled elements of the 506th and 6th AB and a surviving 325th glider man.

Upon entering the town, Sgt.Boz and Ssg. Iman proceeded to split squads. Sgt Boz took Sgt Sheriff,Cpl Leto,Pfc Bedevil thru the town looking for the house the dutch resistence spoke of containing the documents . Ssg .Iman proceeded with Msg. Ranger and Lcp Insanity,Pfc Whansin on a flanking maneuver.

Sgt. Sheriff and Cpl Leto took lead and starting advancing to the targeted house. They were met by mg 42 fire and other assorted weapon fire. The town was been held by Fallschirmjager who must of been tipped off about our arrival. Cpl Leto was hit but still managed to lob some grenades into the machine gun emplacement and took them out. Sgt Sheriff checked on Leto(who was fine) than proceeded to clear out some dazed Fallschirmjager in the adjacent house next to the mg 42. Pfc Bedevil motioned to Sgt .Boz on some sounds coming from the basement under thier objective . Pfc Bedevil threw some grenades into the basement and gunned down fleeing Fallschirmjager. Sgt Boz and Pfc Bedevil proceeded upstairs into the house to hook up with Sgt.Sheriff. As Sgt. Boz entered a room, gunfire erupted. Sgt Boz said his Thompson took a hit making it useless and he proceeded to go into close combat bashing the remaining enemy soldier with his Thompson. Sgt. Sheriff hooked up with him objective taken.

On the other side of the town, Ssg. Iman watched some Fallschirmjager enter a house and start taking defensive positions around it. Lcp Insanity volunteered to go ahead and scout the positions. He took out the mg 42 crew with his Springfield and motioned Ssg Iman and Pfc Whansin to proceed into the suspicious house. Throwing grenades in first, Ssg Iman and Pfc Whansin were met with stiff resistance but manged to take them out. Msg Ranger headed to the machine gun nest and started to take out flanking Fallschirmjager They found out they were in a communication room. Pfc Whansin who spoke german was alerted when he heard on the radio of reinforcements coming their way. He told Ssg Iman that they had to gather up and head to the truck. Suddenly a large explosion was heard. Cpl Leto watching from a upstairs window yelled” two tigers advancing just took out our transport. They gathered in the courtyard then out of corner come Msg Ranger with a stolen Opel and a big grin on his face. He won’t tell us what happened but so far Msg Ranger always runs into enemy actions and friendly ones too. Lucky bastard.

The man decided on the way out their was no time to spare and while escaping headed to the location of the 88’s provided on the documents.

(AAA) 32-8

Published on Saturday, February 7, 2004 at 6:03 PM