After Action Report: |AAA| vs BHD

Match: -=(86th)=-Blackhawks Division versus Allied Airborne Army
Status: Challenge accepted by Allied Airborne Army
Date: SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 June 9 EASTERN!!!!
Levels: mp_hurtgen/mp_neuville
Players: 6 x 6
Ladder: CoD S&D
Rules: Demos required: Yes
Disallow FG42: Disallow
Disallow Panzerfaust: Disallow
Sniper limit 1: No

Notes: <S> AAA we like to play with clanbase rules on rounds if you guys don’t mind Thanks and cya guys on the BF!!!

*LAST 10 ROUNDS* – Peiper

BHD – 22
AAA – 18

On a seemingly still and quiet period AAA parachuted into Neuville upon intell informing us of an advanced recon team in the area. The still air was only broken by the wisps of our parachutes opening and the thud of our landing in the rubble of Neuville. AAA members Nug, Izzy, Lightning, Iorn Mike, Machine and SAR stowed there chutes quickly and set out.

No sooner had we set up a defensive perimeter around the 88’s we were besieged by the 86th.

First Set: AAA as AXIS: The 86th wasted no time swarming our positions by gun Bravo as they massed together and swarmed like bees. We repelled their first 2 attacks and then fell 2 straight to battle back to an even tie 5 – 5.

Second Set: AAA as ALLIES: Our initial attack plan was to run all one side and attack a single area which we found difficult from the start as they lay in wait and repelled our first 2 attacks. We rallied and found our legs tacking the next 2 sets. As we drew down to the 9th set the 86th were fighting ferociously to defend their guns, the score now 5-4 for the 86th.

Our last set for Neuville and an important marker, if we lost they would be ahead in points. We fought with everything we had, each member making spectacular kills untill it was just 1 on 1. AAA’s own lightning with a meger sniper rifle and pistol against the likes of an 86er with a mp44.

Finallymet by gun Alpha near the 42 nest where the scrimage ensued, lightning getting off the first round and missed the 86er tagging him and had a near kill. With only sweat and determination and a thumb nail of life lightning held true and dispatched the 86er the the far beyond. Round Draw 5 – 5

As we broke for a 5 minute break it saw the score 10 to 10.

We moved to Hurtgen and the prolific rifle haven of hell.

Third Set: AAA as AXIS: We set our defences and awaited the attacm of the 86th, after a 3 minute wait still no 86th attacked, then at exactly 2 minutes remaining all hell broke from the EAST as they swarmed from the ravine as they beat at us 3 straight rounds. Changing our defence we became more aggressive and struck out widining our defencive perimiter and meeting them closer to the East Ravine. AAA enabled 3 straight wins as we eliminated all there me in the 9th round it saw Capt Nug as our sole survivor and he battled 3 remaininf 86ers to tie the round.

Fourth Set: AAA as Allies: We devised a attack plan which saw us head to the EAst and attempt to emulate there pattern. Quickly we were overwhelmed 2 straight times. We then split into 2 groups East and west and again lost 2 more rounds. Finaly we decided on a 3 – 2 man approach and hit pay dirt. We won 3 consecutive rounds. the score now 4 – 3 for the 86th. We set out once more as 3 – 2 man teams and were able to set the bomb at gun Bravo but the 86th fought hard and defused the setting and tacking the 9th round as well. In the final round we were stormed on a staggered line initiated by the 86th from west to east as the poured across the ravine to catch us and eliminate our people. This put the set at 7 – 3 in favour of the 86th. (Peiper substituted for Machine who had to withdraw from the game)

The final tally was AAA 18 rounds won and 86th 22 rounds won.

Synopisis: 86th ran, with religious consictency, in a pack save for one person or two who acted as a scout. Except for the very last round they were catious and held back scouting the area never deploying very far from each other. True that half the groupd pings were in the mid 20’s but there ability and discipline on defence and being able to shoot the rifle well won the game for then in Hurtgen.

That said by no means were AAA slouches. In the last minutes before the match was to begin we were still pulling members in as one member or another bowed out due to difficulties or other commitment. Hence a last minut team thrown together and quickly and maturely set about the task. There was very good communications and good tactical intell comming back from each member. each member fought well and put there heart into the game. I would like to congratulate each member and pat them on the back. Though we lost, we really did’nt. In fact as out first match in some time we showed very well.

Conclusion: More practise as a team. Adapting previously recommended recon teams to scout out the enemy and direct teams to the enemy. More patience and hold back and let the enemy come to you more. Work on 2 man team coverage and pack attacking.

On antoher point we had several members who had issues with Punkbuster and were kicked by PB at critical times. Due to no fault of there own I think Punk Buster had some issue wit the presets on the 86th server. In fact if you ran an Nvidia card you were required to manualy turn off the fog distance. it may be wise to check out out competitors aday or two prior to our matches to settle any potential discrepencies.


Honourable mention for NUG and LIGHTNING for stellar preformance to win decicive rounds. All members deserve metion a keg of beer as well.

Published on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 at 10:52 PM