After Action Report: |AAA| vs BHD

Match: -=(86th)=-Blackhawks Division versus Allied Airborne Army
Status: Challenge accepted by Allied Airborne Army
Date: Tuesday 30 March 19:15
Levels: mp_railyard/mp_carentan
Server: 86th server
Players: 7 x 7
Ladder: CoD RET
Rules: Demos required: Yes
Disallow FG42: Disallow
Disallow Panzerfaust: Disallow
Sniper limit 1: No

Notes: FF=on Clanbase rules on rounds Also if you guys play in TWL we like to play with pam? If thats ok?

*****After Action Report*****


We started off the match as the Russians in the Rail Yard. Holding our own for 7 straight rounds and stopping them dead, we emerged victorious with an 8-2 score in our favor.
Being one of the toughest maps to master as the Germans we came away with a 1-9 loss.

Carentan became our way to have fun. We played good and held together well as a team. Everyone had fun and we made the best of the rounds. Over all, the had the upper hand on us and they really had a great game plan going.
As Germans we lost 4-6
American we lost 7-3

Over all we lost 25 – 15

Final note: Over all this was a great match, and a fun one. We really worked together as a team and we had a great time. BHD played extremely hard and really didn’t give up at all. We frustrated them right off the bat, in return they did the same. Great comms and we worked well with strategy.

Things to think about for improvements: If we had more time to practice before hand as a team, it would have been an improvement. Changing up strategy and use the “leap frog” method more to advance. Change up the pace a bit of the game to keep them guessing what our next moves would be. Apply a bit more strategy with Cover fire, suppressive fire and heavy nading.

Thanks guys for working together, I had fun.

Published on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 9:30 PM