After Action Report: |AAA| VS CDN

After being dropped into the small French town of Carentan the AAA found itself faced with a strange new adversary…a terrible new weapon the pussyfoust…errrr panzerfaust..We put up a brave fight, I say brave cuzz when the puss…er panzerfaust started going off it was every man for himself it seemed…Like the first users of the gatlin gun in the American civil war, the enemy employed their firepower very effectively…All and all this new weapon turned this Battle into a slaughter rendering our best laid plans useless….The AAA then moved into to Hurtgen knowing that the enemy had them outgunned and out matched

Even knowing that we were likely to loose we pushed on…the results in Hurtgen where slightly better, from a slaughter to a good ass whooping, but alas the enemy prevailed…the experience hopefully has taught us a few lessons… And the first is when we get intel that the enemy will be deploying the horrible puss…errr panzerfaust we should work on countermeasures to defeat it…….Something to work on in practice….Although here is something we can all be proud of we fought like men and lost like men, and though our pride was wounded our dignity remained intact.

Final score CDN 15 – AAA 5

Published on Monday, February 16, 2004 at 6:10 PM