After Action Report: AAA vs DeV

On 3/4/2005 11:48:00 PM Devastation TWL SD ladder member attacked AAA.

As per steps outlined by TWL we had 48 hours to reply and propose 2 dates and times.

1. As of 3/5/2005 2 dates and times have been proposed as follows:

Thursday, March 10 9:00 PM EST and Sunday, March 13 10:00 PM EST for match dates. We are awaiting acceptance from Devastation.

2. It will now be up to our challenger to accept or propose an alternate date. We have requested map request from them since they are the challenger.

Looks like they have accepted for the 13th.

Here’s some intel on {DeV}astation.

New to TWL: Feb 2005
Rank 49 at 7v7 S&D (no previous matches)
Rank 10 at 8v8 Base Assault (see comments below)
They are agressively challenging teams on TWL. Looks like they are in a hurry to move up the ladders.


Good morning. I just wanted to post that we had r first match last night in TWL and we came up with WIN!!! even one that was in the match Goober, Jt, Sar, Nug, Kani and Mus all of you did a excellent job and before you know it AAA is going to at the top with no stops in between. good job gentleman and Sar and Nug great job on the command part of the match it was great. congrats to all who played and to AAA in a whole.

Hey guys NICE JOB!!! I was listening over TS to the last half of the match and the overtime to see how you were doing and I was so excited to hear you tie it up and then pull out the win!!! congrats to you guys and congrats to the AAA for their first WIN! 1-0 baby!!!

Published on Saturday, March 5, 2005 at 11:27 PM