After Action Report: |AAA| vs DeV

We won. 11 to 10. Overtime.

Everyone who was there, submit a summary here, we’ll consolidate it, and save it for later when we play this map again.

Goober(First match)

Map: Arhnem

Gametype: Search and Destroy

Defensive setup:

Im watchin my demo right now. Going over what changed the tides etc. Little things, They tried A, 3 times, then we tried advancing across the street on the 4th round. The following rounds they tried B. They almost armed. I countered by advancing passed B the next few rounds. Held them off. They went A on the final round, planted, but we defused.

Halftime. We lead 8-2

This is where it gets ugly.They took the first 7. Me, i took a sten, and went 0-8, where we won the 8th one(first win as offense). They defended B Primarily, with angles on A from the Bar. Taking our time, we won the 18th round. Then they won the 19th round. We won 20 taking our time, I had 2 Enfield kills. JTF had primo spot on A plant.(sniping Bomb plant in front of A), We had 5 alive @ when we planted.

End of Regulation Tied 10-10
Overtime: Defending team chooses side to start on.

We won Overtime as AXIZ with a steady D, just like in the beginning.

Final score 11-10

Published on Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 11:32 PM