After Action Report: |AAA| vs DPG & 12th FSD

Match: |DPG| and [12thFSD] Allies United versus Allied Airborne Army
Status: Challenge accepted by Allied Airborne Army
Date: Friday 13 August 21:00 (22:00 , 22:00 )
Levels: mp_bocage/mp_carentan
Players: 7 x 7
Ladder: CoD RET
Rules: Demos required: Yes
FG42 allowed: No
Panzerfaust allowed: No
Sniper limit 1: No

We Won. 21-19. Hard fought. Men down also.

It was a great match, well fought, well executed tactics.

Well done!

Thanks to all, let’s keep it going!

Published on Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 11:12 PM