After Action Report: AAA vs GZR

Allied Airborne Army vs GZR

On the night of February 27, 2005, the Allied Airborne Army sent out a 10 men unit patrol to the GZR server for a scrimmage.

Patrol Roster

  • |AAA|CJ[REC]
  • |AAA|And1[REC]
  • |AAA|SplatterMoo[REC]
  • |AAA|Amandiel[REC]
  • |AAA|Analog[REC]
  • |AAA|Goober[PFC]
  • |AAA|JTF2[CPL]
  • |AAA|KanibaL[SGT]
  • |AAA|Rottweiler[SGT]
  • |AAA|Kanga[1LT]

Round 1
We found ourselves defending the fields of Brecourt. We spread out in to 3 teams which covered our middle, and our left and right flank. We were determine to stand our ground. Our communication were smooth and our recruits were completely calm and in control. We went 10 rounds, destroyed their advance, and crippled their strategies.

Round 2
On the ATTACK, we manage to come away only losing 2 rounds out of 8. We laid down a base of fire on the east flank with our riflers, and kept our sub machine gunners back for the attack. Lots a smoke and some hard fighting, we managed to come away with a 6 out of 8 wins.

Round 3
Carentan didn’t go much smoother for the GZR. We found ourselves back on the defense and we concentrated on 3 specific locations; Market Street, South house and cellar house. Once again we held our ground and kept the attackers at bay. We went 8-0.

Round 4
On the advance, splatterMoo kept the MG42’s from hitting our advance we concentrated our rush to the south house for gun A, Market street for gun B, and I believe we tried the celler once.

Major compliments go out to our recruits, to POW for stepping up and helping me out, and JTF for stepping up to get the scrim going.

Thanks guys!

Published on Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 11:00 PM