After Action Report: |AAA| vs LORDS

Match: Allied Airborne Army versus LORDS
Status: Challenge accepted by LORDS
Date: Friday 26 March 21:00
Levels: mp_dawnville/mp_railyard
Server: AAA Server
Players: 6 x 6
Ladder: CoD TDM
Rules: Demos required: No
Disallow FG42: Disallow
Disallow Panzerfaust: Disallow
Sniper limit 1: No

Roster: This is the Final Roster. If these people show up, they are in.
Major SAR

ALT : Pending Breathalizer Test: BlackViper

Other than the fact that we were on the receiving end of a good ole fashioned a$$ wooping (608 to 456), it was great fun. I really enjoyed the almost 2 hours and I was actually anticipating the match most of the day and I can say that it met my expectations. Much better than watching a DVD!

You can say that again FLaGH, someone must have snuck into our CoD directory’s and installed that bullet-magnet-bot right before the match because they sure found me – the bullets that is.

BMW, BoZ, Kanibal, SAR and FlaGH really played awesome and consistently, way to go guys!

They were good – plain and simple ñ marksmanship, tactics, organization, maneuvering ñ they out played us in all these areas. I suspect they had different play called during each round dependent upon the tactical situation. Seems we didn’t have to worry if they were flanking us because they were. One thing they did very well was fire team support. Seems I would attack one, kill him and find myself facing his buddy with little or no health usually resulting in instant death.

We got behind in points early and were forced to play catch-up and they defended very well. When we would attack they seemed to have our attack approaches covered each time. They also seemed to move, offensively and defensively in a very coordinated way.

Personally, I stunk, really! ñ barely 30 kills for the entire match and a +3:1 death ratio ñ dismal. I would like to see my complete stats as I’m sure they were terrible. My apologies to the team!

The highlight for me was the last round when we adopted a total fire-team approach and were moving as a single unit with a run & assault tactics ñ we nearly won this one losing the round by only 6 pts. Boz was on a rampage, what a sight! :2guns

With all due respect – here’s what I would like to suggest. Using our new tactics that we are practicing from the field manual, each one of us in the match could have had our normal team designation  Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. ñ and then use this in a 3-team assault squad. Alpha on point, make contact, Bravo and Charlie on support and cover. When contact is made, deploy are teams appropriately to take them out. Hindsight from my perspective (IMOH) if we had used this approach against this opponent from the beginning the outcome very well could have been different. Then when we reached the railyard map we could have used our Loading Docks defense ops as we practiced on Thur night instead of having to attack them in the ruins and tank bay, which of course they defended very well.

Also, our comms could have been better from my perspective as there were times I would re-spawn and not know where everybody else was or where I was needed. I know that I was way too talkative and for that I apologize. I found myself saying the things that I say on normal nights on the server, “how’d he do that, that’s impossible…” basically stuff that doesn’t need to be communicated during a match.

Other than that, I want to say thanks for the opportunity to be on the match team. I know I stink now but the only way I will get better is practice and match play. It was a blast!

Published on Friday, March 26, 2004 at 9:21 PM