After Action Report: |AAA| vs SMG

Special Mission Group has been attacked by AAA. Hence they now are required to submit 2 dates to the challenge and we either accept one or counter.

Map is decided at random.

There server is, password is Twlmatch. GL and HF

RECON Teams you have your assingment tally forth Pathfinders.



I gave our practice last night more thought and came up with the attached battle plan. It doesn’t depart too much from what we were working on last night, but I wanted to highlight a couple things.

1. The hinge in this plan is the player on the balcony. He acts as a spotter, support for the three on the hill and ultimately, cover for the bomb plant. Sooner or later, I figure our opponents will attempt to rush the town to the west and this player has to be able to recognize this and get word to his teammates to redeploy in preparation.

2. I agree with your thoughts last night that we need to ‘nade and smoke the MG nest and an extended line across the east road.

3. I was typically the player taking up position in the boxes to the NE of the plant. I would smoke and ‘nade on my way across the plant area to get to this position. I brought a rifle with me each time and was able to make at least three kills each time, mostly near the corner of the wall to the SW where the furthest left shooting lane is located on the battle plan. But I’m wondering if a .30 cal in this location would be even more effective. Set it up on the boxes and let ‘er rip! This player should also be responsible for watching the east flank of the three players on the hill, though limited sight distance and friendly smoke may not allow him to completely protect them. And finally, he should pay close attention to the courtyard area AFTER the plant as occasionally an enemy was able to slide through the players on the hill and balcony and get inside the courtyard via the stack of logs against the outside wall.

4. The plant man doesn’t necessarily have a specific responsibility beyond planting. I’m thinking he could float, but possibly watch the back of the second .30 cal gunner which would be guarding the west flank or have his sights trained on the gate where enemies using the tunnel would emerge. This would depend on the spotter on the balcony’s instructions. Is there a force coming through the town to the west? Or are they rushing the middle and using the tunnel?

5. In addition to the spotter on the balcony, it’s also key for one of the three players on the hill to communicate enemy movement since they will likely be the first to engage.

Again, just some elaboration on thoughts shared last night. Planting with this strategy ought to be good for 2-3 wins. Check out the attached battle plan for further information.

(aka Keith)

This plan looks good. We need a B rush, and and A Defense yet. Taking that hill might be a good A Defense.


I think that it help alot that everyone was allowed to put feed back into the plan. We controlled the match from the get go. They had no answer to our attack. Defence was also done very well. I think next time we should put a little more thought into it but it worked out for us. We mixed up the plants just enough to throw them off. It was nice that we had one planter to rack up the points and try to get arty, this as everyone knows is a very good weapon to have on your side if its a close match.


Here is a brief (and I stress, brief) After Action Report for this evening’s match. It is glaringly incomplete and doesn’t do justice to the teamwork required to absolutely dominate the Special Missions Group clan. It bears noting that |AAA| successfully planted ten out of ten times while playing Allies. |SMG| was only able to plant twice (and both plants were defused) out of four opportunities while playing Allies. As Mus mentioned, we certainly need to work on discipline, especially sticking with our “battle buddies”, but we achieved success by following through with a well-developed battle plan. The below After Action Report is a rough framework and should be “fleshed out” with additional observations by |AAA| players.

Attacking Team: Allied Airborne Army |AAA|
Defending Team: Special Missions Group |SMG|
Server: |SMG|
Map: Stanjel
Winning Team: Allied Airborne Army |AAA|
Final Score: 11-3

|AAA| Roster:

Brief Summary of Action:

First Half (Allies)
Round 1 (WIN) A plant -Axis eliminated
Round 2 (WIN) A plant -Axis eliminated
Round 3 (WIN) A plant -POWMIA defended plant until bomb exploded, sacrificing his own life in the process.
Round 4 (WIN) A plant -RHINO defended plant, eliminating final three enemies by himself.
Round 5 (LOSS) A plant -Bomb defused.
Round 6 (WIN) B plant -Nightraven and RHINO defended plant with Nightraven eliminating final two enemies.
Round 7 (WIN) B plant -Axis eliminated.
Round 8 (LOSS) A plant -RHINO attempted to defend plant eliminating two enemies before succumbing to superior numbers.
Round 9 (LOSS) A plant -Bomb defused.
Round 10 (WIN) A plant -POWMIA called artillery strike onto plant, eliminating multiple enemies and preventing enemy from defusing bomb before it exploded.

Second Half (Axis)
Round 1 (WIN) A plant -Enforcer eliminated two enemies near plant and defused bomb.
Round 2 (WIN) No plant -Enforcer eliminates final enemy with rifle.
Round 3 (WIN) No plant -Two |AAA| guarded A plant and two |AAA| guarded B plant, with RHINO eliminating the final enemy near A plant.
Round 4 (WIN) A plant -SAR eliminated final enemy while covering gloryhound RHINO who successfully defused the bomb.

Match concluded with |AAA| winning 11-3.

Published on Monday, April 11, 2005 at 11:40 PM