After Action Report: |AAA| vs SS Rangers

AAA Troops returned from the field last night weary but elated after there stunning victory. Nug, Hammers, Shocker, Machine, Kanibal and SAR took patrol of our perimeter defenses and completed Recon and Insurgent activity.

At 19:15 eastern Time AAA came under fire from SS RAngers in a surprise attack at the Bokage district. AAA quickly to to a position and surrounded the opposing forces. Flanking was the order of the day. Nug and his Bandaleros Kanibal, Shocker and Machine set excellent diversionary probes which flushed the Rangers in to a pocket. While Hammers and SAR flanked using rifles, subs and bare hands at times to hold the pocket.

At one point AAA was behind by 20 Kills due to the pressing and tactics of Rangers. AAA Battled and pushed finaly encircling the Rangers and pushed them into a corner at the cottage in which we caught them respawning and to which nades were the day.
Round 1: AAA 109 Kills to Rangers 60
Round 2: AAA 131 Kills to Rangers 107

Dirty, Scaratched and bruised we continued our patrol and entered the village of Carenten where the local woman took fancy to us all………
Quickly we noted paratroopers droping behind the town to the south west and we had to pry our self off the woman to engage. A furious and deadly hand to hand combat encounter ensued seeing AAA fall to the regrouped and refreshed SS Rangers. Running and Gunning changed the style to which they played immencely.
Round 3: AAA 189 Kills to Rangers 232

We pulled back licked the wounds and reorganised holding the extremet west are where our supplies were. It was an intence and fast pace mellee of attacks by rangers to pry us out of there when after aproximatly 10 minutes we broke out and went to a run and gun catching them by surprise. Rangers were fighting with the ferousity of caged lions but our forces overcame.
Round 4: AAA 210 Kills to Rangers 171

I was proud and pleased to be a member of this patrol and thanks to all the participants. Eagerness was in no short supply with Nug holding the Hammers leash tight then getting leather burns when he finaly broke lose which allowed Hammers to top the list of kills. Nug seeing the ensuing numbers attempted the same as was reminded to follow the lead and hang back, WAIT for it WAit for it.

In the end all participants had there share and were tired and elated on the success of the team and should be awarded for the quick thinking and deployment given the sneek attack and gaps in the intell. Congrats

Published on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 10:28 PM