After Action Report: |AAA| vs SSRangers

Match: Allied Airborne Army versus [SSRangers]
Status: Challenge accepted by [SSRangers]
Date: Saturday 28 August 21:00 (22:00 , 22:00 )
Levels: mp_bocage/mp_carentan
Server: SSR Server
Players: 8 x 8
Ladder: CoD RET
Rules: Demos required: Yes
FG42 allowed: No
Panzerfaust allowed: No
Sniper limit 1: No

Guys we are number 2 on the retrieval ladder now and this match is against the clan that is number 1. Lets get serious about practicing in the next week or so. I would really like to see some progress against SSR.

lost 13-27

Well, we practiced about one hour before the match. Most of us had been on playing CoD on the server for quite a while before the practice. I only mention that because I know at the end of the match – I was exhausted. I had essentially been playing CoD all day!

We started off fairly strong against SSR, playing Germans in Carentan – but eventually they figured out our planned defense. My thoughts: In radio in the arch house was too easily taken, almost every round. We had two soldiers there to defend it, and they were usually the first to die. How about allowing the capture of those documents and concentrating defenses elsewhere? It seems to me that that might be a good strategy if the arch house documents are too vulnerable.

As Americans at Carentan, I believe our strategy was fairly sound – but many soldiers would be taken out by grenades. If we waited a few seconds to allow the inevitable opening grenades to go off, then invariably the Germans would have defensive positions set up. Many times it came down to the support gunner (me!) to finish up the map and capture documents, with several Germans left. Hey, I did manage to kill three of them and get us a point or two Smile but overall I think we were most hurt by the early loss of soldiers in the opening carnage.

Bocage – we just didn’t do that well playing either side. Period. I think we were starting to get tired and cranky. I dunno.

Additional thoughts. I’ve noticed that when we try too hard to deploy a strategy in games / matches, it comes with a price. While I agree that winning matches should require a strategy – It should be BASIC, and that players should not overly concern themselves with the plan.

This is not a dig at Mus – but he generally has great kill ratios in standard games. What I noticed in the match and in practice – Mus doesn’t do so well. I got to thinking why that would be. I decided that the strategy was becoming TOO important. When a strategy disallows Mus from being Mus and killing the enemy – it’s not a good plan, or at the very least it’s being followed too rigidly.

Hell, in Bocage as Americans – JTF and I started deviating from the plan, flanking the Germans to get to their spawn / drop off zone. This proved to be successful a couple to three times I believe.

As a freelance “support gunner” in Carentan, sitting in the upper windows of the butcher shop – I claimed more enemy lives, and managed to get a point or two. I realize that it’s not about how many kills you get, but rather completing the mission. I will point out though, that every enemy combatant killed is one that cannot kill you or your team mates. Thin the enemy out – then complete your mission if possible.

So, in summation I’d just like to emphasize that a basic strategy is important – but it needs to be flexible, and easily thrown away quickly if it’s not working. Strategies that don’t allow players to use their natural skills and abilities should be reconsidered. There is no plan or strategy that important to follow. #1 goal should be: Kill the enemy.

Published on Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 11:16 PM