After Action Report: |AAA| vs TAC

Match: TAC_Tactical Allied Command versus Allied Airborne Army
Status: Challenge accepted by Allied Airborne Army
Date: Sunday 28 March 18:00 ++MOVED TO 17:00+++
Levels: mp_carentan/mp_hurtgen
Server: TAC_66.235.184.58
Players: 6 x 6
Ladder: CoD TDM
Rules: Demos required: No
Disallow FG42: Disallow
Disallow Panzerfaust: Disallow
Sniper limit 1: Yes



We stuck together and held an objective like we do in hq mode. Had all our area coveed. The same on hurtgen we did the Sheriff trick and stayed in a bunker and defended it. It fell but not for long since the guys were keeping the machine gunner busy a couple snuck in the back way while some of us snuck up on the mg 42 gunner and killed him.

1. we communicated well together and identified the leads right of who were good at giving instructions and comms.
2. We picked an objective area to hold and a plan if it was slipping
3. We allowed patience of waiting for them to come and selective advances but not to far as to allow spawning outside our immidiate reach.
4. We had discussion as to weapons and selected those prior to the match.
5. Comms were great direction of fire missions and feed back from members enabled us to hold the leads.
6. Good commitment to the match and having fun was top priority no egos no cotroling just good direction and variety.
7. most of all we stuck together as a team, there were no individuals amongst us, we all covered each other and ran together when we moved. I tell you number of times a member saved my ass on the 42 or while hunting a sniper.

We attempted the cellar house but to many ways to us then we held the south house and found it to be best advantage since 2nd story jump outs put us in contact engaging hostiles and good pinning on door ways. Allso allowed us to move around nade attacks.


Published on Sunday, March 28, 2004 at 10:21 PM