After Action Report: |AAA| vs TAC

Match: Allied Airborne Army versus TAC_Tactical Allied Command
Status: Challenge accepted by TAC_Tactical Allied Command
Date: Saturday 3 April 18:00
Levels: mp_carentan/mp_powcamp
Server: |AAA| Server
Players: 8 x 8
Ladder: CoD TDM
Rules: Demos required: Yes
Disallow FG42: Disallow
Disallow Panzerfaust: Disallow
Sniper limit 1: No

Notes: FF on

EXTRACTION we require extraction at point charlie.

Well what can I say but to congratulate my brothers of the AAA.

At 18:00 hours AAA engaged a determined TAC in TDM on a historic rematch after TAC had licked and healed the wounds previously inflicted by AAA.

AAA encountered the patrol and were severly outnumbered 2 – 1. Having some ideas and concepts we attempted to plan our offencive and defencive stratagies in the POW camp, Machine, SAR, BMW and Lightning took positions and the mother of battles was on.

Round 1. POW Camp As ALLIES we lost our first round as follows TAC 107 kills and AAA 78 kills. Though we fought a gallant battle the respawning of 8 TAC to 4 AAA was enough to do us in.

Round 2. POW Camp As the AXIS team we fared much better TAC scored 74 kills and AAA scored 52 kills interestingly for at least half this round AAA team were down to 3 members and it became a run and scramble for your life event.

A break was offered and all decided to just continue on like real soldiers caught in the ever pursuit of peace by inflicting the most damage upon the opposing forces.

Round 3. Carenten We started this portion as Allies and had regained our 4th member who was unceremoniously called away from the front lines by a greater power. We battled on it the streets and houses and grassy slopes to the hedges we charged. HOOORAH into the meele of attacks and counter attacks we were joined by Iron Mikey. AAA fought on and upon numerous events worked with no life force and hang nails would kill us and battled to a end seeing TAC with 130 kills and AAA with 118 kills.

With pulsing wrists and smoking weapons we entered the final round.

Round 4. Carenten Though tired and beaten bruised and used like cheap rugs, we rallied our self for the events to come. AAA found a fresh body as Boz jumped into the attack to help his belegered comrades. Fighting hard and furious we set to the task at hand, not dying and getting kills. It seemed that the dogs of war were barking for us as we remained within 2 – 4 kills of TAC.

Then fatigue and warping barrels on our weapons started to take its toll, not to mention the TAC team having tasted blood and liking it, pushed harder and harder. Upon the battle ending TAC scored 194 Kills and AAA scored 146 kills.

Overall Scores TAC 505 Kills to AAA 394 Kills

Given that we were always outnumbered we held our own. There was no or little frustration and everyone doing what needed to be done.


1. In a defensive posture, when outnumbered, it is this members opinion, though not in stone, that holding an area which has limited access and posses a difficult area to nade is best. We had our greatest successes when we held together as a group with fixed perimeters to control our spawns. Saying this I must also state that the spawns within the game can be a killer to. More times then not we would spawn away from the conflict and have chewed valuable time returning to it.

2. Once down the hill getting back up is hard. Enough said. Once behind in score the will to get more kills is stronger some times then the will to maintain the defensive and offensive strategies and return to the everyone for them self routine. This is good and acceptable but in kind must be controlled as best as possible, yah right when were tired hurting and need a beer haaaaaah

3. More communications required please and be specific. It is an interesting manifestation when you get into the match you become one with the game, (Luke use the force), in that you forget that your members are not real time with you, you forget that those milliseconds of delay are enough to change what you see. So in short when some one yells out ” You got someone on your right” or “There on the second floor” we assume the person next to us has A. Noticed us and B. Is paying attention to us. Wellllllll mayyyyybe and then again mayyyybe not.

4. There isnt a fourth point except to THANK all THAT participated. It was an honour to die for you and an honour to kill to protect you all.

Well that’s my view of it and I am just a lonely beginner in the COD world.


Published on Sunday, April 4, 2004 at 10:24 PM