After Action Report: |AAA| vs TAC

Personal I enjoyed a lot of aspects of the match. They were a great team and they played very strong. They complimented us when we won, and they put up one helva an organized fight (key word being organized).

The one thing that I could have done better was handling comms a bit better. I feel the 2 squad idea does work but the comms have to clear and exact. BoZZ and I communicated but the game was moving faster than we can report. I feel that if both BoZZ and I communicated to both channels, It would lose that second of lag that it takes for us to relay the message.

Second would be better planning with the teams. 2 teams work…..sometimes…..3 teams would work, 1 large team sometimes work, 5 teams would be perfect (if you need me to explain, read the field manual). A combination of these fire teams and different stratagies will help keep our opponents on their heels.

Putting everyone on one channel was probably the best things that we did in the match and even when we were down, trying to keep the morral of the squad up. Morral is importiant and winning isn’t everything. Even when we are down, keep a positive attitude and come up with ways to counter act the problems at hand.

Overall Thoughts:
We faced a better organized opponent, with all of their members being very disciplined and staying with their plans. They also showed us great adversity by being able to quickly and effectively, change their plans to maintain pressure on us.
All of their members are very good with their weapons of choice and their elite members were extremely impressive with their rifles and close quarter combat skills.

Bottom Line:
They were able to keep us from our game plan and on our heels more than we were able to do to them, hence the defeat.

Everyone that participated in the match should be proud in knowing that we, as a group, maitained our composure at all times and fought well. I have every confidence that we will be able to defeat these guys in the very near future. I know that I learned a great deal from this match and have found new respects for the members that participated.

Published on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at 9:08 PM