After Action Report: War 322

A L L I E D   H E A D Q U A R T E R S

War 322 Preparation

Tue Sep 08, 2015 – Preparations and planning for War 322 was presented to the Allied Headquarters Staff by Sgt. Shinma from the Allied Airborne Army over a week prior to the start of the war. The Allies needed to establish an actual working alliance between the Soviet and US factions. This included units involved and territorial dominance between the two factions in order to keep our resources focused on eliminating the Axis. The Axis at the time had more personnel and resources than the combined forces of the US and Soviets.


  • Allied Airborne Army
  • Devil’s Brigade
  • Silent 7th
  • Wojsko Polskie
  • Deutsche U.S. Division
  • Red Star Union
  • Red Alert
  • Random and attached Soviet players
  • TAW

Fri Sep 11, 2015 – The deployment plan were shared with only allied leaders. The strategy for the Allies to make the impact we needed was to trade off mutual air support with the Soviets to grab the initial territory. Many aspects of the war were made public on the Heroes and Generals Forum to the discouragement of Axis generals.

War 322: Operation Spitroast

Day 1

Tue Sep 15, 2015 – Reto pulled the plug to apply hot-fixes and the Allies took advantage of this time to inform the appropriate communities that Operation Spitroast was a go. With the alliance is effect, the involved units began to link up a front line early in the war. The Axis were caught completely off guard and quickly found themselves down to two capitals cities which were Marseilles and Rome.

The United States Army was able to secure Zurich and Berlin within the opening hours. The Soviet forces grab control over Scandinavia as was designed. Axis morale diminished relatively quickly.

Sitrep photoSitrep photoSitrep photoSitrep photo

Not everyone within the Allied factions were completely on board with the Alliance (the acronym AMSU will be used throughout the report for the Alliance). These generals were identified and measures were taken to keep the rogue generals from disrupting the Alliance. We found most of these generals had loyalties to the Axis faction.

The US Army advanced from Limoux to Sait Gely du Fesc where some intense battles took place by the Devil’s Brigade. The advance took them from Bordeaux corridor towards Marseilles. Axis kept retreating but the US managed to surround some of their Assault Teams and destroy them. Lezignan Corbieres, Narbonne, Beziers, Le Cap d’Agde, Cignac and Montpellier were all liberated on this assault.

By 1550 UTC the Allied Airborne Army found themselves still mostly in queue. However nearly 2,000 infantry with loads of ice cream trucks and jeeps from the Deutsche U.S. Division (DUSD) were in route to the front to help push with the Devil’s brigade. Together, they liberated Marseilles pinning the Axis down to their last capital, Rome.

At 2114 UTC, the Allied Airborne Army had secured the Prague area and set up a defensive perimeter.

By 2216 UTC, the secret was out about the AMSU Alliance as publicized in the following video.

Day 2

Wed Sep 16, 2015 – As the war entered into it’s second day, everything was moving along according to the AMSU plan. There was some worries that the Axis would break through the Soviet lines from their turtled position in Italy. However all the lines held and the European Allies awoke on Wednesday morning to a pleasant front line.

Sitrep photo

By 2204 UTC, the ground campaign was going strong and the morale on the Allies side was very much noticeable. Many veteran soldiers made time to contribute to the war effort by helping in as many battles as possible. This keep the Axis from advancing while continuing the deteriorate their morale.

The Allied Airborne Army spent most of their night working on bridging the cut from Prague to link up with the Soviets advancing from Belgrade.

Most of the organized Axis communities concentrated on their efforts on the western front in an attempt to push out towards Marseilles. However the Allied Airborne Army, and elements from the Silent 7th and Devil’s Brigade kept pushing back. A stalemate ensued so it was take a town, lose a town for both sides.

Allied Airborne Army (FR) War 322Sitrep photoSitrep photo

Day 3

Thu Sep 17, 2015 – At 1015 UTC the public was well aware of how the Alliance was unfolding which in turn gave a huge morale boost to the Soviet and US player base. On the contrary, the Axis that were accustomed to winning every war through numerical superiority, found this time period to be an honest reality check. They were going to lose their war, regardless of how much effort they put into it. And effort they did leaving many towns between the front line and Rome packed full of Assault Teams.

Both sides standing proud on a Captured Tiger II by working together. Most symbolic day in Heroes and Generals History.

By 1954 UTC, the United States Army began a second front to push for Oslo as it would balance out the war for the Soviets and US factions leaving Rome to determine the winner.

At the same time the Allies together began to enter the main peninsula of Italy, and in doing so made contact with significant large Axis forces. Towns with 30,000+ infantry and communities like DUSD had no problem knocking them out.

Sitrep photo

Best job I’ve ever had

Day 4

Fri Sep 18, 2015 – The advance on Rome began. Since being on the receiving end of war defeats for several builds, the US Army’s morale moved from high to over zealousness as division after division rolled forward towards Rome and Italy. Regardless of the great communication between AMSU communities, there was a failure in trying to slow the random US Armies who eventually cut off the advancing Soviet Armies from coming down the eastern Italian coast line.
Sitrep photo Sitrep photo Sitrep photo
The assault on Rome by the United States Army began at 0522 UTC. The US communities involved in the AMSU were still trying to help open up the northern approach for the Soviet Army, but to no avail and left the actual assault on Rome to the US randoms. After several failed attempts, the Allies finally captured Rome and ended War 322.


We got um! Real good..

War 322 Sitrep photo


The AMSU alliance still continued following the United States victory in War 322 but not without controversy or as structured as it was for War 322. The Axis after losing one war, went on a rampage accusing everyone and their band of brothers of exploiting. In turn many of them switched to the Soviet faction just to troll and attempt to destroy the Alliance.

Anssi posted his Stars and Stripe news articles describing the epic events of War 322 and there was must rejoice.

Stars & Stripes Stars & Stripes Reto Celebrates
Reto drank beer and celebrated the Alliance victory on DevStream #46. While we like to believe they were celebrating, you can tell by the tone of their voice that this added a new frustrating element in their plans for future development. Truth is, they need to implement an Alliance system or return the game back to Axis vs Allies.

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