After Action Report: War 88


Server Day 0: 09:21 50%

HG-20140226-sitrepWe settled at an even 50% after the initial assaults. The Axis began a heavier Northern push. Elements of the Allied Airborne Army were able to grab Hopsten Airfield early on, but was eventually displaced. This did buy time for our Main Line of Resistance (MLR) to develop deep into Holland and parts of Germany.

Twenty four hours into the war and the front line for the Allies was solid and holding. The Axis began a push towards Eindhoven which is typical since ‘S-Hertogenbosch is a key territorial grab for them.

Word was put out to keep the pressure on the Axis in the North until their spirit broke or until they take Den Haag.

Allied HQ reconnaissance informed that the Allies in the South was looking weak but holding.

The EU AAA crew in conjunction with Allied HQ began to make a push in the south. Orders can to begin a focus on the South and the US crew picked up where the EU finished.

HG-20140227-sitrepAfter a few server maintenance issues and reboots – the war was back on and the Allies that stationed in the south had a great jump taking a large section of territory as the Allies approached the Southern Rhinland.

Allied HQ reported Axis strengthened up their defenses in the South and have resorted to extensive chain blocking to keep HQ at bay.


Server Day 4: 07:06 54.5%

Overall the gains in the south were significant. The EU Allies were able to encircle the Southern Axis forces and the US AAA and HQ cleaned up south stablizing the line at the same time keep the Axis forces in the North from making any considerable gains.

HG-20140228-sitrep1Allied HQ EU called for a break out of enemy defense around Mainz; capture Frankfurt AF, then go for Wetzlar and Nuremberg; cut off enemy south right of Nuremberg; advance from Wetzlar to Hopsten and destroy all axis west of Hopsten.

The US Allies began working North and middle fronts and began making progress around Roermond and Eindhoven aiming to squeeze around the middle more.

HG-20140228-sitrepThe EU plan to push North was quickly countered from the east by the Axis, so progress was slow.

Allied held their ground and AHQ and AAA closed the gaps and the US Allies came in to mop up the Axis caught behind our new MLR.


Server Day 6: 05:35 57.1%

HG-20140301-sitrepThe Allies continued the Northern push north and we took Winterswijk and the back side of the North was more in our control.

Reports from HQ stated that the deep South was well garrisoned for the Allies, at least immediately behind the frontline through most parts of this war.

EU AAA reported half empty cities behind Alzey as a juicy target for an Allied breakthrough.


Server Day 8: 09:08 55.7%

The US AAA noticed the Axis beginning an attack in the deep South and began drawing up an operation to both counter and attack the deep south.


HG-20140302-sitrep1Called for simply overwhelming the Southern route through Germany into Berlin.

HG-20140305-sitrepThe Operation name changed to Operation Castration from Operation Southern Roots by the EU AAA boys as the operation called more for snipping the Axis’ little schnitzel off.

The US AAA began their push and made serious progress as they cut the south to Ulm creating two separate pockets and advancing fairly far into the Axis’ front.



HG-20140307-sitrepThe Allies in force began setting up a defensive perimeter around Holland aiming to keep the Axis pinned in Germany and protect Holland from another invasion.

After some epic fighting, Enschede fell painfully to the Allies as that is a tough town for the Allies to hold due to the many roads into it. The Allies held all gains during our EU-US Operation happy hour. Even during the morning and noon we could advance and hold our lines.

In the North Allies captured territroy till Assen, only groningen had to be captured to have the whole north of the Netherlands. In the Center the Allies won Soest and had a small breakthrough at Bielefeld and Paderborn. The Southern Lines were holding and even a bit improving by public allies. Auerbach and Nurnber are blue!

A weak Allied Breakthrough in the North developed. The Allied Airborne Army moved a force into the Northern push. Stuffed Oldenburg and shored up around Hopsten.

US AAA moved through the south to capture Kuasers Airfield then to Pfremid closing a good size gap. Again chain blocking was a nucense. The Axis recieved heavy losses for espeically their armor in the south.  They tried but failed to repel the AAA but eventually they gave up.


Server Day 26: 04:55 90.5%

HG-20140311-sitrepJutterbog AF became the target in the south as it’s proved difficult to go much further. We secured the town of Jutterbog as well as made progress in the north.

We pushed across Denmark. Which was not totally secured. We made a push towards Wittingen and Ehra Factory as a nice belly stab.

HG-20140312-sitrepSouth Berlin area was a conveyor belt of Axis ATs and very active on the Allies side.

HG-20140313-sitrepEU AAA and HQ started a para strike in an effort to capture Eberswalde. The push towards Berlin began slowing and the Allies were inching their way forward.

The Axis has some fight in them as they manage to breakthrough the southern Allied defenses forcing HQ and the AAA to work out a plan of attack which called for the destruction of Dresden. This would become a two day fight as the Axis chain blocking was hitting a max in the war paralyzing the Allies.

Adding to the Allies worries were ‘black holes’ forcing players to maneuver around. With the Allies in Germany this meant that it would take an additional 1/2 hour of annoyance to bring supplies to the front lines.

HG-20140314-sitrepAfter losing nearly 20% of the map over two days, the Allies knew they either had to sink or swim. Word was put out to the Allies on how to go around these ‘black holes’. “When going North and spawning from England, move to London then to Stansted AF in Northern England. Then to Den Oever so you get around Apeldoorn. From there you are clear. If you are heading south, just send it directly to Moulins AF in the deep south, from there you can hit anything without them getting bugged.”.

HG-20140315-sitrepThe Axis began a solid Breakthrough with a lot of momentum in the North. It took everything the Allies had to hold it, even that was proving too much.

HG-20140316-sitrepWithin a few short hours, the Allies lost over 10% of the war. However, the US Allied Airborne Army did capture Dresden and secured the crap out of it expecting a major Axis effort to take it back.

At this point a decision of taking Berlin had to be made. No soft stuff, no trying to secure everything. Just one hard, massive push toward Berlin. The War needed to end. The Axis gains in the North were getting critical and the Allies were holding onto a thread at Dresden by the time the US AAA were back online.

HG-20140316-sitrep3The Allied Airborne Army with the aid of EU HQ and Task Force, came thru Cotbus and Zossen for the win never losing a battle along the way. the crew was solid on TS and we took Berlin in under 10 minutes when we finally got town battle. We were dominating skirmish maps, holding all 3 points. We used one of the AAA paras all the way up till Berlin. One unit lasted 6 battles.

The Allies went for broke and it paid off.


Reported by Allied HQ and Allied Airborne Army Staff:
Anssi, Dondergod, Hanibal, IdleCleese, Kanga, Pimmeh, rosiema and vonBaer

Published on Friday, March 21, 2014 at 7:02 PM