Airborne Infantry!


A swift kick in the ass, is always a step forward!

As you can see we are working on getting the Allied Airborne Army up to par. We currently changed our domain name to which will be our home for at least the next two years. We hope that with our enthusiasm, as well as yours, we can keep the Glider Infantry alive. As a community, we are 8 years strong and we wish to see many more years ahead of us.

Now to lay out some direction and bring you up to speed. As a community we encourage new members to join us as well as old members to get involved again. We always welcome visitors, users and members to be active with us and help structure and develop the Glider Infantry into a more solid community. Recently we have been upgrading the website and it has truly been a work in progress. It will continue to be a work in progress and we welcome input on the matter. There is a lot here with the site and we have a ton of great features for your enjoyment. Right now, a lot of the modules and features are taking a back seat until we need them. It also helps clean up the site a bit. We are looking to expand the historical aspect of the site and bring in a lot of content that has been lacking for a couple years, you should be pleasantly surprise with the future progress of the site.

As a community, our main focus has always been the games that we enjoy playing together. However in recently years, we have seen a flood of games that have shifted the focus of the gaming communities. As we build our ranks and work our website, we would like to find a direction in gaming that the Glider Infantry can go in. Starting with Medal of Honor Allied Assault and progressively going to the Call of Duty Series, we have found ourselves at a crossroad with games. Many of us have been playing the Battlefield series including the new Bad Company 2 game, IL2, Company of Heroes and just a slew of amazing game titles. All we need to do, if find a common ground. From there, we would like to incorporate a game server and communication server so that we can take whatever title we decide on, into a more personalized combat experience.

For more information and YOUR INPUT, visit this Forum post!

Published on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 11:34 PM