April Monthly Report

“You, you, and you… panic. The rest of you, come with me.”

After several years of reassignment, the 325th GIR is now once again under the command of the Allied Airborne Army. Old friends and colleagues are now once again gaming under a common name with common purpose – Friends, Frags and Fun. With the reformulation of the AAA we invite all current and former members of the AAA and 325 to come by and say hello. We will be reviewing the membership roster to determine the status of each member – we hope to get all of you active again!

New Recruits
The AAA is accepting new members who meet our basic requirements, agree to our Code of Conduct and want to join us for some good times on and off the battlefield. We welcome gamers of all experience and skill levels. Please visit our recruiting page for more details and to request membership.

There are no promotions to announce at this time. We will be reviewing the roster and making recommendations for promotions next month as deemed appropriate. Aimed Date, June 6th. Please confirm before hand if you wish to participate in the Allied Airborne Army.

Active AAA members are currently engaged in the following theaters of operation:

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Homefront
  • World of Tanks

If you are playing any of these games currently or would like to get involved, please join us! If you are a member of the AAA (or would like to become one) and would like to see us get involved in something new or different please visit our forums and tell us about it. We need your input on what game to play for the month of May. Please take a Poll.

The AAA relies on the voluntary contributions of our members – we can’t do this without you. Please support the AAA by donating what you can. Every penny we receive goes to keep this website and our game servers in operation.

Published on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 7:05 PM