April Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“American parachutists – devils in baggy pants – are less than 100 meters from my outpost line. I can’t sleep at night; they pop up from nowhere and we never know when or how they will strike next. Seems like the black-hearted devils are everywhere…”German Officer / Anzio, Italy

The Airborne faced another busy month this past April as we took on new members, promoted a few more and handed out some awards. On the front line, combat has been thick due to Heroes and Generals releasing the new ‘Oster’ Build! RETO has picked up the pace of development and is currently advertising new tanks in the ‘P’ Build.

Earlier this month, the Allied Airborne Army was caught on video helping to take the town of Wittstock. Along with our brothers in Allied HQ, German US Division and several others from Task Force, we got a chance to show what taking a town looks like on a very hard line against a strong opponent with Paratroopers leading the way. Take a moment and check out our latest video!

To those that are interested in join the Allied Airborne Army, please feel free to fill out an Enlistment Application.

Honors Report

The AAA has been busy with members this month. We’ve had several members go above and beyond the call of duty and deserve to be recognized. Others have made promotions and we’ve added a couple more members to our Roster. Please join us in welcoming our newest members.

New Members


Silver Star
Awarded for an act of incredible skill, courage and leadership which turns the tide of battle and is inarguably a main factor in our victory.

Bronze Star
Awarded for an act of incredible skill and courage during battle.

Legion of Merit
Awarded for maintaining and ensuring good relationships with ally communities.

Purple Heart
Awarded for significant personal sacrifice for the benefit of the Allied Airborne Army as well as being the laughing stock of the Allied Community as a whole.

Combat Report
The wars have been going well for the Allies and the Airborne has been helping to contribute to the Allies success. Several new communities have formed up with the Allies and have quickly become our brothers in arms. Keeping this short and sweet, great job Allies!!

Communication Report
Join the Allies on TeamSpeak! If you are looking for more organization and better teamwork in Heroes and Generals, get on TeamSpeak and join the Allies in the Task Force Channels.

You are also welcome to join the Allied Airborne Army on our TeamSpeak when we are around.

Join the HG Public TeamSpeak at
Join the AAA on our TeamSpeak at .

Allied Paratroopers!
We are looking for you! Sending Paratroopers to the front-lines is something that Allied Airborne Army can do all day and we have been making it a habit to get paratroopers in battle. However, we need more players with Airborne Characters to start teaming up with us and working together. We know it’s tough with the current build, but if you have a para character and you want to put it to use – contact us!

Published on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 9:40 AM