April Monthly Report


The Allied Airborne Army had a hell of a month in April and the future of World War II gaming is looking bright! Several of our members have Alpha Keys to Days of War and the AAA has been making new friends as we expand to a another WWII shooter. We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the 101st Airborne, 501st PIR. And on the front lines of Heroes and Generals, the Allies are continuing a winning streak that is destined to be the longest in the history of the game. And we updated our Awards and Rank pages.

501st PIR One Year Anniversary!

nacgccknThe 101st Airborne, 501st PIR is our Russian/Ukrainian speaking community and they are celebrating their one year anniversary as an active, and growing component of the Allied Airborne Army. Last year, a group of gamers from the 101st Airborne Division, a small Russian speaking community contacted the AAA and we began working together to include them into the AAA. A few years ago, the 101st Airborne began including a French community that today is the 502nd PIR. We knew that we could overcome language differences and still become a successful and inclusive community and family to like minded gamers that are looking to have fun. Every month that 501st PIR grows has helped provide the Allied Airborne Army with an active base of players during time of the day that we previously haven’t been active helping us to be more flexible with operations.

If your native language is Russian and you are looking for an active Allied community, get in touch with Capt. Decadent14, the commanding officer of the 501st PIR or fill out an Enlistment Application and join us on TeamSpeak!


Days of War

Days of War harkens back to simpler times, where infantry combat was gritty and personal, and teamwork was required to turn the tides of battle. Fast paced, class based combat means each soldier has his role when the Allied forces collide with the Nazi war machine.This game is a hardcore, infantry based first person shooter. It’s still very early in it’s development, but being based on the Unreal 4 engine, we can expect quick development and a community inclusive game.

The Allied Airborne Army has made an announcement at Days of War to recruit new gamers interested in Days of War. In doing so, we have picked up an Ally in 3rd Marines who we hope to game with and grow with in Days of War. The Allied Airborne Army isn’t new to leagues, ladders and realism so we are very much looking forward to the direction of Days of War.


Allies on a Winning Streak!

vy77fYFThe last time the Allies won 4 Wars in a row in Heroes and Generals, was shortly after the formation of Allied Headquarters with wars 54, 55, 56 and 57. Nearly 350 wars have pasted since and the Allies have beaten that winning streak.The Allies have currently won War 399, 400, 401, 402 and 403. At the beginning of April, Heroes and Generals launched their latest build named Churchill and introduced a new US weapons called the M1941 Johnson, which may or may not have played a pivoting roll in why the Allies have become a more dominating faction in the game. A new, decently designed weapon in the US Arsenal really helps to build confidence and confidence is what wins war.

Along with confidence, the US communities have been very active, growing in numbers and contributing their time and effort to help each other out, work together and celebrate together. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s good to see the Allies this active again.

If you are a player or a US community looking to get involved with other US communities, stop by the US Army TeamSpeak and be sure to contact a community you like!

War 403

War 403

Awards, Honor and Rank Update

We updated and streamlined our Rank Requirements. We also updated our Awards and Decorations and added a few more Honors, Medals and Badges.

Published on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 3:27 PM