April Monthly Report

Those who live by the sword… get shot by those who don’t.

With April down, the old salty dogs of the Allied Airborne Army spent most of the time training up the new battle experienced recruits. Our ranks have become more agile and efficient. Night after night, countless AAA guys new and old fight off the public, Scrim organized groups of gamers and battle matches against gaming clans from all around. In the world of Call of Duty we have seen the new 1.4 Patch and countless new Mods such as the update to Merciless Blood Mod, Revolt, And HoB update that are definitely worth checking out. On our server alone we have updated and added new maps to the server rotation. I will see you all on this month in may when the Allied Airborne Army prepares form another jump into the battlefield.

|AAA|Dolphin[PVT] to [LCP] and will be transfer to
British 6th Airborne 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

|AAA|LJ [PVT] to [PFC] and will be transfer to
82nd Airborne 325th Glider Infantry Regiment

|AAA|GMstriker[PVT] to [PFC] and will be transfer to
101st Airborne 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

|AAA|KCrimson[PVT] to [PFC] and will be transfer to
82nd Airborne 325th Glider Infantry Regiment

|AAA|Bluefox [REC] to [PVT]

|AAA|Waterwalkerfan[REC] to [PVT]

|AAA|Sparky[REC] to [PVT]


1) |CPT |AAA| BlackViper34: Army Commendation Medal – highest kills/deaths ratio.

2) PFC |AAA| Machine: Army Commendation Medal – highest events/100 rounds

3) SGT |AAA| 506 TheSheriff: Army Commendation Medal – highest events/100 rounds


US Expert Infantry Badge



“On May 1st at 14:00 hours a clear sunny day and AAA recon team of Nug, Sheriff, Huckelberry,Smurff, Bluefox, Shocker and SAR were in the Bocage district gathering intel when they were set upon by the likes of the infantry Ghosts.” -|AAA| SAR [PVT]

Match Scores:

25 Apr AAA VS EHS 6v6 mp_brecourt/mp_dawnville Official 26-14 S&D Win

19 Apr AAA VS SSR 6v6 mp_bocage/mp_carentan Official 639-570 TDM Win

18 Apr AAA VS SSR 6v6 mp_hurtgen/mp_carentan Official 0-1 TDM DNP

17 Apr AAA VS SAF 6v6 mp_hurtgen/mp_bocage Official 323-472 TDM Loss.

3 Apr AAA VS TAC 8v8 mp_carentan/mp_powcamp Official 394-506 TDM Loss

2 Apr AAA VS cS 6v6 mp_dawnville/mp_dawnville Official 2-5 S&D -Loss

ClanBase post:

Instead of doing a “this month in history” section of the monthly report. We decided to go with our opponents responds from ClanBase. We like to thank each and every clan that we have played that has been nothing but great, fair competition.
Thank you all for your support,

By TAC_Spudster (TAC_Tactical Allied Command), 26 February 2004
AAA is a great squad, they run there server very well during a match and I would recommend this team to anyone for a good clean fight!!

By Syrus Pike (Fear No Evil), 24 April 2003
hey good game guys. you put up a good fight. on the Hunt, who ever you had sniping was kickin the crap out of us but all in all GG.

By -=(86th)=-Frenzy *BHD* (86th Blackhawks), 6 March 2003
Another fine match, with a bunch of Gentlemen.
Objective is certainly more our type of play.
Hats off to AAA….GG

By -=(86th)=-Frenzy *BHD* (86th Blackhawks), 4 March 2003
Great Match AAA. They are good sports and hard soldiers to play. Most of them pinged bad but still are great snipers. Great battle. Cya Wednesday.

By [EAA]Goa.Virus (Elite American Assassins), 1 March 2003
We played 5 rounds for allies, 5 rounds for axis on both maps.
EAA won the first round….3-2 total:3-2(EAA)
AAA won the next round…3-2 total:5-5
AAA won the next round…3-2 total:8-7(AAA)
EAA won the next round…5-0 total:12-8(EAA)

Very competitive match. Would play them again.

By [513th]CPT Tom{CO} (513th Parachute Infantry Regiment), 1 March 2003
Excellent game AAA, you guys that played were fantastic sports, and obviously very dedicated and honorable members of the AAA clan.
You put up a great match, that was fun for all, and your co-operation was superb.

It was a pleasure,
Best Regards,
513th PIR

By [SS Rangers]Spyde ([SS Rangers]), 24 February 2003
All together the match was a decent match just we(ss rangers) were not prepared, but despite that in the first two rounds(the bridge) we kicked some A**, but in the second round one played had to leave emergency, so we both agreed fo the ss rangers to play with 5-6, then in the last two rounds on The Hunt was had are A**s handed to us in pieces, do to numbers and the type of map. All together AAA is a good clan could use a little work on server control and tactics. But other than that they are a good clan and very polite, and both sides followed the rules. Written By [SSRangers]Spyde*

By []V[]aX][[]V[]u$ (Dogg Pound Gangstas), 21 February 2003
It was an awesome match and |AAA| has always been a great clan to play. Hopefully next time they will let us have a tie breaker lol!!!

By DrkDragon (Big Red One), 9 February 2003
First off, I must give my hats off to the extremely skilled players of AAA. Even though they were shorthanded one. They gave us a run for our money. The matches were close everytime, and who knows how it would have turned out had they had an extra man. Perhaps the results would be different. I can say that this isa top class clan with great sportmanship and skill. It’s always a pleasure playing these guys, and we’d be honored to do it again.

Great game AAA
Ltc. DrkDragon[BR1]

By []V[]aX][[]V[]u$ (Dogg Pound Gangstas), 31 January 2003
Have nothing but respect for |AAA| we beat them our first match back a few months ago, but they have gotten way better since then. Im so happy that there is actually clans our their are not into the noob cannons like some of these other clans. |AAA|. Take care guys and thanks.

By Tormented Soul (Revenge of The Nerds), 30 January 2003
GG |AAA| you guys are very good sports and i hope to have a rematch with ya soon. This is a clan that all clans should want to be like. Have Fun Kill Lots …. From RoTN NeRdS

By ryguy (bravery honor and courage), 24 January 2003
even though i wasnt there my team said nothing but good things bout u guys. u didnt complain about anything, and they said every thing went well. i hope to challenge u guys again in the future

By chAZBO (Revenge of The Nerds), 19 January 2003
Very good sports . We played a great match against a great bunch of guys. AAA have some great talent and i think after sime practice will be an awsome team. Many skilled players on AAA team and whats more great sports to the game. Never once did i hear any *****ing about the match. I suggest you Challange this team. GG AAA look forward to our next match

By (5th)2nd Lt.Frank Burns (5th Division), 16 January 2003
Great match guys! These guys are definitely a class act and very well mannered. The score doesn’t really show how much of a fight these guys put up. A lot of the rounds ended with either a 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 situation. Again, these guys are a great bunch of guys and we would definitely play them again. Good luck in your future matches.

By [SS Rangers]CUJO ([SS Rangers]), 13 January 2003
Very good match we enjoyed it immensely and look forward to playing this clan again. Sportsmanship was outstanding which made this match enjoyable to play.

By Deathlord (Stealth Strike Team), 10 January 2003
AAA is a very good clan to work with, they know there stuff and dont argue, i give these people an A++++ for good sportsmanship, gg guys, hope to see you again soon 😀

By LtGn.DeadlyTarge (fighting 69th mohaa), 8 January 2003
Another great match with AAA. Both sides fought hard. AAA are a bunch of nice guys.
Good Job by all. Look forward to a match anytime, anywhere.


-New Recruits At-ten-hut!: ClanBase sign ups if you want to play in matches: Clan matches will begin very shortly for the Allied Airborne Army. We have a list of names that need to sign up with clan base in order to participate in these matches. Please go to the Forum regarding the sign ups. This is mainly for new recruits and players that haven’t been with the AAA since MOH.

Practice will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9pm est.

-Contributions to the Gaming and Webserver:
Just a reminder that Viper takes contributions between the 9th and the 12th of every month. This is the best time to contribute to the server

Published on Saturday, May 1, 2004 at 1:59 PM