April’s Monthly Report

Monthly Report

I am the trooper of the sky! I am my Nation’s best! In peace and war I never fail. Anywhere, anytime, in anything — I AM AIRBORNE!


The Allied Airborne Army has been operating primarily in the Northern corridor of the Western Front on the Julius Server in Heroes and Generals. With the release of the Irwin Build this past month, many soldiers are still adjusting to the major changes the build introduced, such as Warfunds and new weapons. Back at the airbase, the AAA has been receiving a steady flow of recruits and we are still working on ways to decrease our washout rate (which has been higher than expected). At the same time we have members that are excelling so let’s jump into our members report.

Members Report
Please welcome PVT.SteelSoul to our ranks.

PVT.Strike1Delta has been promoted to PFC and transferred to 101st Airborne 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Strike1Delta is also awarded the Combat Infantry Badge.

PFC.Rushthebus has been promoted to CPL and transferred to 101st Airborne 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Rushthebus is also awarded the Combat Infantry Badge.

JOIN US! We are always looking for quality members to join our ranks at the AAA and anyone who meets our basic requirements. Join the AAA by filling out a Recruitment Application.

Combat Report
We are adjusting to the changes the Irwin Family Build brings to Heroes and Generals. To view the full list of Changes, check out their changelog. One of the major changes to H&G is the introduction of Warfunds which is basically currency you earn for participating that goes to resupplying your equipment. Supplies now have a price, but if you play smart it won’t cost you any actual gold. The main concern for the AAA is that the Airborne Assault Teams in the game are now extremely expensive to resupply as H&G attempts to calm down the Para-spamming. This also makes victories with airborne operations more vital. Teamwork is becoming a must as the game slowly pulls away from individualism.

Combat for the Allied Airborne Army has been taking place on the Julius Server along with the Allied High Command. As mentioned above, we tend to take the northern flank. Prior to the release of the Irwin Build, the Allies were steam rolling the Germans. The Allies worked in organized groups to take airfields and towns. We captured the moment in video on one particular Airborne Operation on an air field. Click here to check it out!

Since the release, it’s been slow going on both sides as commanders figure out how best to implement their Warfunds. The good thing about Warfunds is that it forces commanders to be thoughtful when sending their Assault Teams into battle. They aren’t just carelessly sending ATs everywhere.

Communication Report
Not everyone has TeamSpeak and while this is highly recommended in the AAA, we can still get away with having members use the Allied Airborne Army in game chat channel. Passwords for both TeamSpeak and Chat Channel can be located in the Recruit Training section.

This Coming Month
This next month will be spent getting new recruits worked into our ranks. H&G will most likely undergo several changes especially with regards to Warfunds. We will stay on top of any changes and make adjustments accordingly and post them on our forums. We are also working on a new website that we hope to have finished in the next month.

Join us on TeamSpeak ( We are on most nights and every Saturday night at 2200hr to midnight EDT.

Published on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 8:02 PM