August Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“I would rather he had given me one more division”Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

This past month, the Allies cracked open a 50 gallon drum of military morale, and passed that stuff around for War 118 in Heroes and Generals. It was definitely a healthly boost and it’s fair to say the Allied Airborne Army had a roll in helping. Along with the Wojsko Polskie, Deutsche US Division and the Devil’s Brigade – the Allies attacked the Axis from the ground, land and especially the air. It was a good month for grinding up new characters in anticipation for the General’s Roll in the Rommel Build. And just when the Allies were three towns away from capturing Berlin… they release the Rommel Build. Bittersweet.

The Rommel build expands the ranks and made significant improvements to the strategic gameplay. Generals and other commanding officers are now characters that equip Assault Teams. They’ve added paratrooper specific weapons which are the German Fallschirmjagergewehr 42 and the American M1 Carbine. The Campagin map has 15 important cities marked with a star symbol. These are the strategically important cities that determine the winner of the war. Check out the video log or visit Heroes and Generals for more on Rommel.

Over all, it has been a great month in the Airborne community! Our ranks continue to swell at an impressive rate. We enlisted 20 new members in August and our Basic Training Class for September looks to be a well rounded group and we are excited to game with them.

Member Report

Welcome all new members to the Allied Airborne Army and congrats to all members that made promotions and awards. Click here for members.

New Members

  • CPL.VonBaer
  • PFC.czbear
  • PFC.DeadMeat
  • PFC.FortyEight
  • PFC.Vestice
  • PFC.Henri83
  • PFC.Lt._Aldo_Raine
  • PVT.ZetaHerculis
  • PVT.TemplarOfRage
  • PVT.JeJe
  • PVT.Alvin_York
  • PVT.Jodie
  • PVT.Jragon
  • PVT.Painmgt
  • PVT.Soulpunch
  • PVT.Grottski
  • PVT.reliqmortis
  • PVT.Flying_Dutchman
  • PVT.Dajjman


  • SSG.Caps04
  • SSG.GP56
  • SGT.Steel Panther
  • SGT.Brymaster24
  • SGT.Divishua
  • SGT.Pjosip
  • CPL.Skean
  • CPL.Thundergod
  • T/5.Dopey
  • T/5.Prince_Eugen
  • T/5.Zirotto
  • T/5.klle7
  • PFC.Red
  • PFC.gr0w


Distinguished Service Medal

Awarded for persistent effort in developing or running hands-on training material for tactics, squads and new players.

  • SSG.RushTheBus
  • SGT.Steel Panther

Soldiers Medal

Awarded for dedication and being an exceptional team player.

  • T/5.Dopey

Bronze Star

Awarded for acts of incredible skill and courage during battle.

  • SGT.Brymaster24
  • T/5.klle7

Combat Report

Rather than writing up a report, how about we just show you what we were up too in August. The camera was rolling for the Allies, and the Allied Airborne Army members made their fair share of videos. Heroes and Generals started a new devstream, Schilli from the DUSD made Axis fighter pilots sh!t themselves and BluJester shows us why fighting along side the AAA allows him to be free as a bird.

Fragmovie 3 – Divishua

Vive la France! The Allied Airborne Army is the home of some of the H&G’s finest French gamers. Divishua’s fragmovies are nothing short of impressive talent.

Lightning Strike! – Schilli

Easily one of the most feared gamers in H&G, our comrade and Deutschland US Division’s own Schilli shows off his fighter skills with the aid of some seriously sorry, desperately fleeing Luftwaffe pilots.

Capture of Wuppertal – Ashkenton

Just “A walk in a park” through the quiet city of Wuppertal. A city known for it’s public parks and woodland paths… until the AAA dropped a bunch of paratroopers and gave it 13 minutes of hell.

Capture of Cuxhaven – BluJester

Free Bird!!! When chain blocking becomes and issue, you need a chain block buster! BluJester found that his Paratroopers did the job nicely. Together with the AAA, the Allies stormed Cuxhaven for about 8 minutes of pure pleasure.

Capture of Diekhof – FortyEight

FortyEight is a recent member of the Allied Airborne Army and has no problem jumping out of planes to capture key objective.

Capture of Diekhof – Ashkenton

Same battle as FortyEight, but from a different perspective. This time from the view point of Lieutenant Ashkenton.

Defense of Diekhof – FortyEight

If you fight for something, you must defend it. FortyEight do*****ents the Airborne defense of Diekhof.

Defense of Diekhof – Ashkenton

The same defensive battle of Diekhof as FortyEights, but from Lieutenant Ashkenton’s point of view.

H&G’s Devstream – Heroesandgenerals

The Developers of Heroes and Generals have a started a Devstream on It’s worth checking out if you are interested in engaging with them or just finding out what players can expect in future builds.

Communication Report

Join us on TeamSpeak. All information regarding the Allied Airborne Army TeamSpeak and the Heroes and Generals Public TeamSpeak can be found at this link. If you are looking for more organization and better teamwork in Heroes and Generals, get on TeamSpeak and join the Allies in the Task Force Channels. Click the links below to quickly launch TS and the servers.

Join the AAA on our TeamSpeak at

Join the HG Public TeamSpeak at

Allies looking to get involved with the Allied Airborne Army, are welcome to join, but please read our CODE OF CONDUCT! You must register to the site. Submit an application and post and introduction post in our Mess Hall. Please note: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Allies looking to get involved in the war in more ways than just being a bullet magnate, can find the right community or group to game with here at this link that |AAA|CPT.Rosiema posted on the HG Forums.


The passing of BlackViper34, our Commanding Officer this summer to cancer leaves many of us at the Airborne with heavy hearts. Before he passed, Viper and his family set up the George Spiros Jr. Memorial Hockey Scholarship as a non profit organization designed to help young aspiring hockey players that can’t otherwise afford to play

We encourage you to donate as a way to help celebrate his life.

Published on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 9:51 AM