Breakout: The Lost Evidence


July 10th 1944. For six long weeks since D-Day, Allied forces have been caught in a battle trying to breakout of the invasion beachhead at Normandy. In the East, the British and Canadian Armies are fighting to take the city of Caen. How did Operation Cobra split German soldiers and allow the Allies to sweep into France?

Operation Cobra, the strategic move masterminded by US Army General Omar Bradley to break out from the Normandy area. Following the amphibious invasion, the allies had triumphed in the battles for Cherbourg and Caen. They now needed to break out of the bitterly contested beachheads they had established in order to pave the way for the liberation of Frances interior.

The operation was a resounding success. The advance guard of the American VIII Corps entered Coutances, at the western end of the Cotentin Penisula, on 28 July, after penetrating through the German lines. Cobra enabled allied forces to create the Falaise pocket, trapping German forces in an ever shrinking gap, and effectively clearing the way for the Race to Paris and the drive for the Rhine.

Published on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 3:06 PM