Call of Duty 2: Airborne Realism Mod

The Allied Airborne Army Realism Mod is designed to bring a rich, real environment to Call of Duty 2 without taking away the fun element. In fact, we definitely increased the fun element with tons of new features, effects, sounds and graphics!

Realism Features

The heads up display (HUD) is the most obvious feature that is different between stock Call of Duty 2 and the Allied Airborne Army Realism. Crosshairs, object pointers, grenade indicator, death icons, ingame screen score, compass icons and obituaries have all been removed. This cleans up the screen a ton and forces players to work together and to apply real world tactics in order to survive. The score and info is shown at the end of the round.

The action of the soldiers are much more realistic. They can be injured or killed when jumping from higher levels like windows and roof tops. Soldiers will drop their weapons when hit in the arm or hands. Their helmet protects and deflects bullets. The helmet can be shot off, their heads can explode if taken a direct hard hit by a bullet. The soldiers will shift, grunt, scream in pain when hit by bullets or when they are dying. Blood splatters on the screen. Shellshock is enhanced to be more real and dazed. Soldiers will bleed and there is a health bar so they can survey the damage. They can heal themself as well as others with bandages. Their gun can jam and they can discard their weapons. Most of these extra actions are managed by holding down the “F” key or “use” key.

Weapons feel like weapons. Soldiers cannot swing around like a ballerina and aim accurately like in stock Call of Duty 2. They have real weight to them. Soldiers carry realistic ammo loadouts. The guns are accurate when looking down the sites and they inflict real damage. Their weapon will sway when moving around and trying to aim and they will recoil realistically when shooting. Firing from the hip will have recoil, no cross hairs and less accuracy, so when you are playing as a soldier, do your teammates a favor and use your sites when firing your weapon. Grenade are cookable, their throw is shorter and the blast radius is much larger than stock Call of Duty 2. Smoke grenades are colored red and white as well as cause slight damage if a soldier is too close when they begin puffing. Which is nothing a bandage can’t heal. The weapon sounds are more realistic and improved.

In real combat, friendly fire happens. In video games, team killers happen, so to eliminate this pestering threat, the server runs a team killing punishment. If a client on the gaming server team kill twice, regardless of rounds – they will have a very large object come out of the sky to kill them. It could a piano or a dead cow. It makes up for the annoying aspect that a team killer will cause. For the rest of their visit, they will be subjected to reflective fire. Players who change their names to that of another player, will have their name automatically changed. Unknown Soldiers with have a tough time holding onto their weapons and warned until they change their name.

Players skins utilizes more from the stock SP game so everyone will look different. The US Ranger has be changed into an US Airborne 325th Glider Infantry skin.

The maps fog density will randomly change through the game and on cold maps, you will be able to see your breath. Mortars and shelling will randomly land throughout the rounds, but nothing that will target or hurt players.