Call of Duty 2 Movies

Our Call of Duty 2 video pages are now up on the site. Over the past couple of years Call of Duy 2 was our primary game. We posted some of our videos on youtube and you are welcome to check them all out!! The videos range from showing our Glider Realism server mods such as swaying effects and teamkilling punishment, to head-blowing fun on the server. Plus, you get a taste of our colorful teamspeak (always an added bonus)!

As a community, we have moved on to Call of Duty 4 and with that, we hope to see some new videos. So members, get Frappin!

SGT.Charlie and CPL.Desertfox of the 325th GIR are playing around on the Glider Rider Realism Server showing off some of the features of the custom maps that we ran on our COD2 server.

MSG.Tipps showing off his unique tactic of attacking with a smoke nade. Its quite funny, but wrong. On our Call of Duty 2 server, smoke nades have potential to shellshock you and cause slight damage when you are near them going off.

Fly4Luv demonstrates for us the unique art of head shots. You have to give him props for being the one losing his head. This is an AWE feature that was added to our server.

First introduced by Izzy in 2002. The Nade Fumble most commonly accures when a player pulls the pin, and then think about where to throw. In this video, LT.IMan charges in on an enemy only to have a nade tossed at his head.

MSG.Tipps from the 325th GIR, shows off his skills with a sniper rifle. Members on TeamSpeak need a bit of reminder on langauge use, it was a pain having to add censor bleeps to the movie.

LT.Hammers and LT.IMan demostrate our Team Killing punishment. To prevent gamers from TKing on our server, a tank will come down and kill the Team Killer after their second kill. It will also force the TKer to play with reflective fire on for the rest of their visit on our server.

325th Glider Infantry Regiment Call of Duty 2 Realism server. M1 Garand sounds, Weapons effects, Cookable nades, Realism settings with smoke, bandaging, weapon jamming and all that good stuff. MAJ.Kanga demostrates a few of our realism perks.

The map Ramelle for COD2 is the last battle scene from Saving Private Ryan. Here you will see a charge by the Allies across the map from LT.IMan’s point of view. The chatter on TeamSpeak is a bit of a laugh.

Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 4:54 PM