Call of Duty 5 Confirmed

Many gaming forums and site are starting to post information regarding Activision announcing Call of Duty 5. after spending some time doing a bit of research, here is what we have to go on as far as FACT! Actual information regarding the fifth game of the Call of Duty series is extremely rare, although there is an overflow of unsubstantiated rumours and speculation circulating the net. What is certain is that Call of Duty 5 will be released for all the important platforms: the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 2 and 3, the Nintendo Wii and in a specially converted edition for the Nintendo DS Lite handheld. According to the news portal Golem, the developer team has also been determined. Treyarch will accept this task. Treyarch was already responsible for the third game of the shooter series. But according to the consensus among fans, the third game was also the weakest of the series. So how come Treyarch has earned the honour of getting a second try?

This is where the speculation starts. One theory is that Activision already made the decision to let Treyarch develop the fifth series instalment, before the release and major success of Call of Duty 4. Moreover, the people working on CoD 5 had already started development before Modern Warfare was even released. Otherwise there is hardly any other explanation for why CoD is taking place in WWII again. At least this is being asserted by numerous different online sources. We can expect some official announcements on the official site for the fifth edition of the CoD-series within the coming weeks. There are still a few hints that the game might make it to shop shelves by 2008.

During a conference with stockholders and analysts, Mike Griffith, Publishing CEO of Activision, all but confirmed the next Call of Duty game. He had dropped some choice words, as well as surprises, regarding the fifth Call of Duty game. As far as the game’s setting, Griffith described it as “new military theater”, and that’s anyone’s guess as far as what it could mean.

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Published on Friday, May 30, 2008 at 3:41 PM