Code of Conduct

When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite.

As we are operating under the name of an honored and highly decorated military unit and accepting as our role model a man who acted with bravery, honor and sacrifice, we agree to behave in a manner appropriate to our namesake.

Members are not required to maintain any specific amount of activity within the Allied Airborne Army, however, active members will be given priority over inactive members.

Communication is critical to the coordination and execution of squad level tactics. All members are expected to maintain contact with their squad leader and the Allied Airborne Army as a whole.

We do not prohibit members from joining other squads or clans. However, deliberate acts of espionage, sabotage or treason against the Allied Airborne Army will not be tolerated.

Each member should behave in a manner that will not reflect badly upon or damage the reputation of the Allied Airborne Army or its members.

Each member must treat all fellow members, allies and opponents with the utmost respect, regardless of rank or position. Members will respect and obey the rules and ethics of any hosts.

Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.

Profanity is not expressly prohibited, however, excessive use of vulgarity or offensive language is not permitted when such language is deemed offensive or abusive by other members, opponents or hosts. Racist language will not be tolerated.

Members must be 21 years of age to join unless he/she is specifically recommended by an active member in good standing. All members are required to behave in an adult manner. Verbal abuse or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated.

We are here to have fun. The rules set forth previously are meant only ensure that all members of the Allied Airborne Army and other members of the online gaming communities will have fun while gaming with the Allied Airborne Army. Rules will be established and enforced with that end in mind. Anyone found guilty of not having fun will be severely tickled!

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