Communication Rules

Rules for use of the AAA Forum:

  1. Only post information in the Assembly Area section of the forums that is appropriate for the general public to see.
  2. All posts must comply with the AAA Code Of Conduct. The Forum is open for AAA members and you are free to speak your mind and you are encouraged to do so. Posts will not be arbitrarily deleted, censored or edited by the admins because of content. However, any post that constitutes a blatant violation of the Code Of Conduct may be edited or deleted at the admins discretion. Personal attacks, use of racist or hateful language or posts of an offensive nature will not be allowed.
  3. AAA members are asked to check the Forum regularly. Since this is our primary means of getting information to YOU, we need each of you to use the Forum. We also ask that you post on the board regularly to let us know you’re still around.

Rules for use of the AAA TeamSpeak channels:

  1. The AAA TeamSpeak is available for public and AAA members.
  2. If this is your first time visiting our TeamSpeak, you will be confined to the Front Gate and we ask you to move to the Reception Area and a member will be with you shortly. Remember that sometimes our members might be in-game and may not notice new users that are currently waiting in our Reception Area so please be patient.
  3. Do not give any passwords to anyone without permission from an AAA officer.
  4. While using TeamSpeak, please be considerate of others, if you want to work on something as a group use the channels available to accommodate you.
  5. Do not ghost the channels (sitting there, being quiet and not participating while others are in battle). If you are AFK, we have a channel for that. If you don’t get into a battle with the other players and it fills up, move to a different room and try to get a few players together to go into a different battle.
  6. In the event you have an issue with any person or feel you have been treated poorly by the public or an AAA member, please speak to that person first. If this does not resolve any issue then take it to an Officer or NCO for discussion, try not to get involved in heated debates or verbal confrontations, it will only escalate matters.
  7. Non-game related discussions should be moved to a separate channel or a “whisper key” assigned so as not to disturb those who are engaged in the game.
  8. The primary purpose of TeamSpeak is to allow us to coordinate and facilitate tactics during the game. While “chatter” is not forbidden (except during matches) please be respectful of the others on the channel and keep the level of “chatter” down to an appropriate level.
  9. Communication over TeamSpeak must comply with the Code Of Conduct the same as message board communications.

Special Combat Events and Matches:

  1. Unless otherwise authorized by the acting Squad Leader for your team, “chatter” is not allowed during combat matches.
  2. Unless otherwise specified by the acting Squad Leader for your team, all members should remain silent when killed unless something important has been missed.