December Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“My flanks are something for the enemy to worry about, not me. Before he finds out where my flanks are, I’ll be cutting the bastard’s throat.”General George S. Patton


Happy New Year!

With another year down, the Airborne has been busy preparing it’s commands for the New Year. This January marks the 12th Year of the Allied Airborne Army community and we are proud to continue to introduce new members and promote old ones within our ranks. It’s been a great year for the Triple A as we continue to be one of the largest, most organized and recognizable communities among Heroes and Generals. Twelve years as a community just shows that we aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We will always be a force to contend with as well as a great home and environment for adult gamers.

Heroes and Generals isn’t the only title we have been playing as of late. Many in our community have taken to the skies in War Thunder as it continues to progress at a fast rate. It’s free to play and we encourage new players to come try it out. ArmA 3 and Battlefield 4 are also being played and we are keeping on eye still on some great titles that look to be coming out soon like Traction Wars and Enemy Front (which is due to come out this year). Find out more about all these games by visiting our Game Talk section on the forums.

We look forward to another great year here at the AAA and we start 2014 with promotions, awards and new members!

Honors Report

2013 has been a great time at the Allied Airborne Army and we would like to take this opportunity to say thanks and award our members for their participation, their talents and their help to make 2013 a fun year to be Airborne. We have also added the Heroes and Generals Distinguished Unit Citation to our Honors Section which will be awarded later in 2014 to members of the Airborne who have consistently participated in H&G.

New Members


Distinguished Service Cross
Awarded for volunteering time and effort in the Allied Airborne Army to help a fellow member out during a time of need.

Distinguished Service Medal
Awarded for demonstrating great service to the community. You guys stepped up and got stuff done both here and on the battlefield.

Legion of Merit
Awarded for maintaining and ensuring good relationships with ally communities and general public as a whole.

Soldiers Medal
Awarded for developing and executing an ingenious plan for a war that ensures our victory.

Army Good Conduct Medal
Participation in the Allied Airborne Army from January 2012 – January – 2013.

Canada General Service Medal
Participation in the Allied Airborne Army from January 2012 – January – 2013.

NOTE: Uniforms will be updated this month.

Are you are interested in joining the Allied Airborne Army? fill out an enlistment application. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED HERE! This is important! We received several applications last months from players that didn’t follow this simple instruction. We are also a community for adults which you can find out more about in our Code of Conduct.

If you have been invited to the Recruit Welcome Center, please make sure you take some time and familiarize yourself with our Basic Training Manual. Being active and involved on both TeamSpeak and in the community for the fastest way to move through the recruitment process.

Combat Report
Over the past two months, the Allied Airborne Army and Allied Headquarters have taken a back seat in Heroes and Generals as well as halfheartedly participated with the Axis. Going through our old combat reports, you will see that not a month went by since we’ve been playing H&G where the Allies had an advantage in numbers. In most cases, we have been out numbers 2:1 and sometimes 3:1. While our extensive organization has lead to several Allied victories, it still doesn’t make up for the design flaw of faction balancing. By simply switching to the Axis with our talented pool of players have brought this aspect to the forefront of the developers and they are now working on ways to curve the lopsided balancing issue of the game. Hopefully we will see some progress soon.

When we have been Allies, the Airborne and HQ are a tough outfit to beat and the more the odds are against us, the more we suceed. Take a moment and watch our newest video. Which demonstrates that even with a one line of attack using only infantry and airborne – we have no problem sweeping up the Axis and their armor to take a town. The video has also made the Heroes and Generals Top 4 fan made videos for 2013.


Published on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 8:13 PM