February Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“Everything is air-droppable at least once.” – Howard Tayler


There has been a lot of activity throughout the month of February in the both the Allied Airborne Army and Heroes & Generals. They added a new Campaign server to Heroes and Generals for U.S. players which is a great options for North Americans. Being that we are primarily a North American community, this has a lot of positive potential for the Allied Airborne Army. Heroes & Generals has also matured a bit as they prepare for the public beta testing. The game has really come a long way in the last year and most recently has come to the smart phone and pad platform with new Mobile Command which you can learn more about below in our Combat Report. The AAA has seen a lot of new faces, new allies and a lot of recruitment applications. All this as we continue work on our new website which we plan to launch in the next month (give or take). Members can already begin checking out the site, assisting in the building of it as well as generally critic the development of the site. We look forward to your input.

Members Report
As stated above, we have a lot of recruitment applications and we are in the midst of processing them. Sending in an application won’t guarantee membership as team participation on the recruit’s part is expected in order for applicants to become members. This means activity on the forums here, let us know you are alive and this goes for veteran members of the AAA too. TeamSpeak participation is key. We need to get to know you, this is a must for membership. The whole purpose of this process is so that we are getting quality, active members in the Allied Airborne Army.

If you are enjoying Heroes and Generals, have a microphone and use TeamSpeak 3, and looking for a team to get involved with – send us your application! We are looking for veteran and new enthusiastic soldiers of the game. Especially players that have their own Assault Teams and several Characters developed – Airborne Character in particular is very useful asset to our community.

Combat Report
Heroes & Generals has added a new U.S. Campaign server to their arsenal which the AAA has utilized since day one. Along with the open beta (watch open beta trailer), the game has seen a flood of new players. This is great in the sense that the player base is beginning to be massive, battles are plentiful, and the activity is at a constant for both the E.U. and U.S. servers.

At the beginning of the month when H&G introduced the second server, there was a lot of animosity in the H&G community because it split the player base and it was difficult for either server to have a decent balance. The U.S. server simply lacked players with a large allied player base that literally ran over the Axis war after war. On the E.U. server, the Axis was slowly pounding away at the Allies who were upset to lose a good potion of their player base to the U.S. server. It took a couple of weeks, the community has settled down. Both the US and EU server have a good amount of players, no down time and constant First Person Shooter mission to chose from. Although you might have to wait on occasions for servers to open up.

Heroes & Generals can also be played on the go now with Mobile Command which has gone live on Android as well as iOS. You can follow the progress of the war and communicate with your teammates, grab it on either iTunes or the Google Play store. It is still a work in progress like the rest of the game.

Communication Report
Sometime this month, we want to organize and open night (open to US Allied players), where we can share, teach and inform each other on Heroes & Generals, so look for a TeamSpeak meeting sometime around the middle of the month. This is really deigned to introduce new players to the game with the aid of veteran players.

Join us on TeamSpeak this month! Whether you are public, a recruit or a member. If you are not joining us every night, try to join us every Saturday night this March at 9pm EST. Check the Calendar for other events throughout the month.

We can not do this without our members. Every penny we receive goes to keeping this website and our servers in operation. We make our payments on the 17th of every month so please try to donate before then. You may donate securely to the Allied Airborne Army through our Donations section or you can donate directly to our gaming server by clicking here.

Published on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 10:59 AM