February Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“The shortest way home is through Berlin.”General George S. Patton


The Allies struggled in February and had anything but an ‘easy go at it’ in Heroes and Generals. With the struggles, there is always positive and we are keeping one eye on the horizon and other on the front-line. We have to keep an eye on the future because for the most part the present is broken in the game – to a point.

The Allied Airborne Army added a new member this month and recruit applications flow in at a steady pace. While the transition from Recruit to Private may be a long road here – safety is first and we don’t want anyone hurting themselves by rushing their training.

Allies like Anssi with his Stars and Stripes newspaper, IdleCleese with his new collection of videos, have helped fuel the Allied spirit and morale. Patton has fired up the 1st Army and the German US Division have really been a huge asset to the Allies. A lot of our friends here have contributed so much into making the Allied faction a great place to belong too and as a community, the AAA is proud to be a contributing force and a positive influence in Heroes and Generals.

Community Report
Please welcome PFC.Xulle to the Allied Airborne Army. Our newest member hails from Canada and has contributed a ton to Heroes and Generals and the Allies, with an aim to help improve the game and community. His aim in the game isn’t too shabby either!

We have several new recruits at the moment in Basic and we are looking forward to seeing some of them become members this March. The AAA have a pretty decent washout rate. Our recruiting process isn’t suppose to be easy or overnight. Many communities form and in two weeks are a distant memory. We’ve just celebrated our 12th year. This has a lot to do with our members. We want quality players that get along with others. Experience is always a plus, none experience might hold you back a bit. We want you active, participating and above all enjoying yourself in the process.

Combat Report
No denying it, the dirty wars are back, however some of the rift-raft seemed to have dissipated since war 88 was declared. The Allies winning War 82 must have been a sore spot for the Axis because every war since was has been a cluster of game mechanic abuses. Many players will not return until they see some of the serious changes that are expected in the Oster Build (next build). We’ve seen countless numbers of Axis players and communities exploiting the AT glitching bug where a player can lock an Assault Team into a battle in one town, while moving the AT to a different town. Which glitches the town into a loop of battles. Making it impossible to advance from the town. The bug has been around for several builds, but now you have every n00b-vet using it as a standard strategic move. It’s become so much of the norm for some of these players that they don’t realize how sloppy their actions really are. No biggie, I would write it off as an accident and pull the dumb card too. While these bugs occur in the game, players shouldn’t repeatedly abuse the game mechanics to benefit themselves or their community. Bragging about their success publicly afterwards has basically fueled face palms and inside jokes among the Allies.

We are only a couple days into war 88, the Allies had a good jump at the beginning and are making progress. A lot less dirt is flying around and so far and it only took two starts to get the war going – but so far so good for the Allies.

Communication Report
Allies, join us on TeamSpeak! Like, seriously. If you enjoy Heroes and Generals, improve your game by playing with others. Get into the same battles together, cover each other and take control points in a coordinated manor. So again, seriously get on TeamSpeak.

Join the HG Public TeamSpeak at and look for the Allied players in the Allied Task Force Channels. You are also welcome to join the AAA on our TeamSpeak at .

NOTE: The Public TeamSpeak Server changed address today! The post reflects these changes.

Allied Paratroopers!
We are looking for you! Sending Paratroopers to the front-lines is something that Allied Airborne Army can do all day and we have been making it a habit to get paratroopers in battle. However, we need more players with Airborne Characters to start teaming up with us and working together. We know it’s tough with the current build, but if you have a para character and you want to put it to use – contact us!

Published on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 8:15 PM