February Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.”Winston Churchill

The Soviet faction has finally been introduced to Heroes and Generals. Their introduction currently creates a three way war between the United States, Germany and Soviet Russia. How that will pan out in the future when more factions are added is still a guess. Combat action on the Campaign map has seen one of the fairest and most balance months overall with both the Germany and the US trading off War wins. Some may argue different for the Axis, but most of them are trolls and never bothered looking at the overall game statistics. At the moment, the Russian faction needs to get on their feet (better yet, off their feet and into a motorized/mechanized Army). They have a lot of growing up to do as much of their faction is still very new with mostly weak equipment. However, several Allied vets including AAA members have been leading an assistance to help get the faction going and stable.

We’ve been very busy this past month at the Allied Airborne. We’ve added 9 new members, and additional 22 more going into Boot Camp for April and many members have received promotions and overall – great month!

Sacrebleu! Look at all the French!!

Member Report

New Members – Please welcome our newest members to the Allied Airborne Army!

  • Olstane
  • Zolkus
  • Grandlion1981
  • QcLaRacaille
  • XoCo
  • alclarkey
  • Amshagard
  • G3NNO
  • Cidi
  • Jarek_Avanti

Promotions – Congratulations to all members that made promotion this month.

  • SSG.DeadMeat
  • SSG.gr0w
  • SGT.Axent
  • SGT.Libvision
  • T/4.Mickdude2
  • CPL.touta
  • CPL.Ze_Patriot
  • CPL.WarDaemon
  • CPL.Tetryl
  • T/5.krollkop
  • T/5.Qc_LaRacaille
  • T/5.Grandlion
  • T/5.Luciphoros007
  • PFC.blkandwhtlion
  • PFC.cornerss
  • PFC.LionWarrior777

Allies looking to get involved with the Allied Airborne Army, are welcome to join, but please read our CODE OF CONDUCT! You must register to the site. Submit an application and post and introduction post in our Mess Hall. Please note: We are looking for mature players over the age of 21 and experience is always a plus.

Combat Report

Many players of Heroes and Generals have been anticipating the new Timoshenko Build and the introduction of the Russian. Knowing there would be so many new changes to the game, both factions seemed to ease up on fighting trading wins.

Since the Timoshenko Build, things kind of got off to a rough start with either the US or DE factions steamrolling the Russians since they could really defend themselves. A few days into the build and the Soviets can hold their own and are starting to become competitive. Many Axis Vets have gone to the Soviets in hopes to use the faction along with the DE faction as a double team gangbang against the US… didn’t really work out well. US is currently dominating the Wars.

Communication Report

Join the Allied Airborne Army on our TeamSpeak at

You are also welcome to join the AAA in the French Cafe on the HG Public TeamSpeak at

Allies looking to get involved in the war in more ways than just being a bullet magnate, can find the right community or group to game with here at this link that |AAA|CPT.Rosiema posted on the HG Forums.


Before BlackViper34 passed away, his family set up the George Spiros Jr. Memorial Hockey Scholarship as a non profit organization designed to help young aspiring hockey players that can’t otherwise afford to play. We encourage you to donate as a way to help celebrate his life.

Published on Sunday, February 1, 2015 at 10:07 PM