February Monthly Report

Monthly Report: February

“Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.”
Therefore, whoever wishes for peace, let him prepare for war.

As we put aside another month here at the Allied Airborne Army, we must plan ahead for the future. So much has happen in just a few short weeks here, our ranks have overwhelmed us with new comers, matches, promotions and tournaments. Sometimes its hard to sum it all up when we have grown so much. As a clan, we have past our 2 year mark and have become inspiration for newer clans wishing to follow in our footsteps. It truly is amazing how long we have lasted and everyday we grow as friends, in size and popularity. With that all said, lets introduce our news members to the Allied Airborne Army.

New Recruits:
PVT |AAA|KCrimson
PVT |AAA|GMstriker
REC |AAA| Kevron
REC |AAA|Heywood181
REC |AAA|NightRaven
REC |AAA|Shocker
REC |AAA|Heinrich
REC |AAA|HolyKnight
REC |AAA|CrazyMalacka
REC |AAA|Huckleberry
REC |AAA|Cracker
REC |AAA|Schwarzkopf

Personnel listed below will be removed from the AAA until they can establish contact with Headquarters.
|AAA| Hawk [PFC]
|AAA|Angel [PVT]
|AAA|Sue [PFC]
(unfortunately we have lost all of our female counter parts)

KCrimson [REC] to [PVT]
LJ [ REC] to [PVT]
GMstriker [REC] to [PVT]
Dolphin [REC] to [PVT]
Izzy [1SG] to [2LT]
Ranger [MSG] to [1SG]

Silver Star
In recognition for this leadership skill during a victorious match on February 6th 2004. Sargent BoZHoGG and Staff Sargent IMan are hereby awarded the Silver Star.

Legion Of Merit
In recognition of his countless hours of effort for the benefit of the AAA, for his superb work on the website and the creation of the AAA Field Manual, Second Lieutenant Kanga is hereby awarded the Legion Of Merit.


US Combat Infantry Badge is awarded for first place during the rifle tournament on February 7th to the following members.

US Expert Infantry Badge is awarded for top 3 places during the rifle tournament on February 7th to the following members.


This month was a great one for matches. Over all we fought some great battles, winning some, and taking casualties in others, but the war is far from over. We are soon embarking on another jump so AAA members, get to practicing our combat strategies. There is a Field Manual in the Chalk Talk section of the message board. We have a strong belief that the enemies are building up their forces. The Allied Airborne Army officers are planing a course of action and another jump. Prepare for battles to be heavy in March.
AAR details are in the After Action Report section of the website.

86th vs |AAA|
86th 8 – AAA 32

CDN vs |AAA|
CDN 15 – |AAA| 5

|AAA| vs Lord Action Stats
AAA – Allies 100
Lord – Axis_ 82
Lord – Allies 100
AAA – Axis _ 88

AAA – Allies 140
Lord – Axis 100
AAA – Axis 164
Lord – Allies 100

|AAA| vs TAC
29 TAC – 11 |AAA|

|AAA| vs BOS
32 BOS – 8 |AAA|

This Month in history:

North Africa – British armored forces cross the Libyan desert to a point south of Benghazi and cut off the retreating Italians. The resulting Battle of Beda Fomm starting on the 5th inflicts heavy losses. Australian troops capture the major port of Benghazi at the same time, and by the 9th El Agheila is reached. There the advance stops. Large numbers of British and Dominion troops are now withdrawn for transfer to Greece, just as the first units of the Afrika Korps under Gen Rommel arrive in Tripoli.


Between February 7 and February 9 the Germans launched an attack taking the city of Aprilia Italy forcing the decimated British to withdraw to their last defenses. The 45th American division came to support the British and launched two failed attacks to recapture Aprilia in February 11 and 12.
After these attacks all the allied beachhead was endangered, and the commanders in order to weaken the final German assault ordered massive air strikes and an attack to Cassino to subtract some German units from the Anzio zone. The Germans brought reinforcements and concentrated in the Aprilia area for the attack. On February 16 the attack begun, the allies where forced to withdraw suffering heavy casualties. On February 17 the situation was so critical that all the air forces available in Italy launched an attack on the Anzio zone to stop the German advance. But on February 18 and 19 the Germans continued advancing and it seemed to the allies that the operations will end with a second Dunkirk. But a miracle happened and the Germans begun to retreat. Then the British launched an assault on the German positions. After February 20 the situation remained static until May 1944 when the allies launched an offensive breaking the Gustav line, that ended with the capture of Rome on June 4 1944.

Call Of Duty AAA Mod:
Recently we have started to develop a mod for the AAA. We have already worked out the skins for the AAA. Now we are taking it a step further to include maps. Since a few of us have mapping experience, we have developed a small team among us with the goal of building a map. Our goal is to build La Fiere and the surrounding areas. We are trying something simple, fun, historical and that no one is planning to do.

La Fiere
During D-Day the 82nd AB parachuted into the area of St Mere Eglise. One objective was to secure and hold a bridge over the Merderet River(Saving Private Ryan got the idea from this event). There are farm houses, little river, open fields and hedgerows (probable trenches too during the war). We will update the information as we make progress.


-Clanbase sign up

Clan matches will begin very shortly for the Allied Airborne Army. We have a list of names that need to sign up with clan base in order to participate in these matches. Please go to the Forum regarding the sign ups. This is mainly for new recruits and players that haven’t been with the AAA since MOH.

Practice will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9pm est.

-Contributions to the Gaming and Web server:
Just a reminder that Viper takes contributions between the 9th and the 12th of every month. This is the best time to contribute to the server.

Published on Thursday, March 11, 2004 at 12:55 PM