Glider Rider Realism


The server was updated with some new versions of some of the maps. Both Malta and the Bridge (night version) have been updated today so we have them going on our server Malta now supports both CTF and HTF on GLIDER RIDER REALISM server and the developer of the Bridge cleaned up a few of the map clipping that been brought to his attention. Swing by our server anytime. For a full list of our rules, please visit this link.


The Glider Realism Mod went through another update. The updates include a graphic fix that now allows anyone that is able to run COD2 stock, the ability to run our MOD as well. In version 1.5, many gamers had to turn their graphic settings down in order to get on the server, in any case – the issue has been resolved.

After more than a week listening to the weapon sound effects, some of them (mainly the Allies) needed a bit more fine tuning and touching up. Now they have that realistic Crack sound that COD2 really lacked with the stock sound fx.

These fixes have really made the server run smoother and the community seems to be really enjoying the overall results. The best part of it – is that the MOD is nearly half the size of version 1.5 weighing in at a whopping 13mb.

The GR Mod is available through our server redirect or SUPPLY DEPOT.

Published on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 2:39 PM