Heroes and Generals Latest

Watch the Official Playlist of all videologs and development for Heroes and General.

last month the developing team at Heroes and Generals released their new Beta build called “Bradley“. Set during the Second World War, Heroes and Generals is a massive online first person shooter. In the Bradley build, both the weapon and character modification systems have been improved.

Other improvements to the game include no shooting while running with machine guns, overall weapons sway and cone-fire has been tweaked and a new capture layout for the ‘Town’ map. They rebuilt the capture logic to include a larger capture areas, 7 men in a Jeep and 2 man on a bike, limited amount of Assault Teams per Access Point as well as a few other minor updated.

The developers are getting ready to do another stress test and release another 7000 beta-keys. Get signed up at their website to receive a beta key and hopefully you will be one of the 7000 keys going out so you can join us!!

Coming soon to Heroes and Generals is the War Event Log notification screen which keeps players updated about important events in the war.

Here at the Allied Airborne Army, we are definitely looking forward to the new developments of Heroes and Generals. The AAA has allocated the 101st 506th PIR to form up in ranks and begin recruiting new paratroopers. If you would like to join us, make sure you have a Free Beta Key from Heroes and Generals, you are registered here with the Allied Airborne Army and have filled out an enlistment application.

If you are on the battlefield, keep an eye out for the AAA-506th PIR!

Published on Thursday, July 5, 2012 at 12:38 PM