About Us

We are a seriously minded North American based combat gaming community focused on history, tactics and fun. Our community has had a long and distinguished history that originated back in the winter of 2001 with the release of Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Over the years, we have participated in numerous Tours of Duty in a wide variety of gaming tournaments and leagues. With that in mind we strive to have fun as a community by providing an open and exciting combat gaming environment and pride ourselves on a solid foundation of accomplishment and tradition by setting the standards of many gaming communities for over a decade.

The current focus of the community is Heroes and Generals which is an online WWII gaming world combining first-person action with strategic control. Players can specialize their characters to become a hero or rise to become a commander of armies. You can fight the war on foot, in vehicles or from the skies with new content constantly being added to the game world.

Our History

In December of 2001 Deadstick and Ranger, in eager anticipation of the release of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, went in search of a clan to join. The few clans that had formed before the game was released were populated almost entirely by 14 year olds from the Netherlands. While not entirely opposed to playing with the Dutch, Deadstick and Ranger weren’t terribly excited about joining a clan who’s leader called himself “General Mega Death” and who still had to get his older sister to drive him to the mall. Thus the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment was formed as a group for mature adults who enjoy military history, gaming, just having fun, or better yet – all three!

Allied Airborne Army in Call of DutyIn the spring of 2002, the 82nd Airborne 325th Glider Infantry Regiment merged with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and we became the Allied Airborne Army adding the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion to our ranks. With the release of Call of Duty in 2003, the Allied Airborne Army experienced a serge of diverse members coming from different countries and backgrounds allowing the Allied Airborne Army to create more airborne units such as the 327th GIR and 506 PIR of the 101st Airborne Division.

The Allied Airborne Army has become a community with a long, distinguished history. We pride ourselves on a solid foundation of accomplishments and traditions setting the standards of many gaming communities for over a decade. We have had numerous tours of duty in a wide variety of tournaments and leagues. Highlights include: CAL League, Online Gaming League, Clan Base, and Team Warfare League and the European Theater of Operation Tactical Realism League.

We are always looking for quality members to expand our ranks and character is the number one priority for all candidates. We accept people who share our philosophy, and who wish to contribute to a mature, cheat-free gaming environment. As a result, honor,courtesy, courage and respect are very important elements of all our members.