British Parachute Company

British Parachute Company, 1944

Numbers in parenthesis indicate number of personnel assigned to role, number of unallocated weapons or number of sub-units in detachment.

Company Headquarters
Unit Rank Weapon Vehicle
Company Commander Major Pistol
Second-in-command Captain Pistol
Company Sergeant-major Warrant Officer II Rifle
Company Quartermaster Sergeant Staff Sergeant Rifle
Company Clerk Private Rifle
Storeman Private Rifle
Orderly (3) Private Rifle
Batman (2) Private Rifle
Nursing Orderly, RAMC Corporal Pistol
Nursing Orderly, RAMC (3) Private Pistol

Headquarters Transport;

Bicycle (airborne), Motorcycle, 15-cwt truck – only bicycle taken into action

Company Weapons (issued at direction of CO);

Projector, Infantry, Anti-tank (3)

Rifle Platoon (3), each
Unit Rank Weapon Vehicle

Platoon HQ

Platoon Commander Subaltern Pistol
Platoon Sergeant Sergeant Rifle
Batman * Private Rifle
Orderly Private Rifle
Rifle Section (3) each
Section Commander Sergeant Sten
Rifleman (5) Private Rifle **
Mortar man Lance-corporal Sten, 2-inch mortar ***
Second-in-command Corporal Rifle
Bren Number 1 Private Bren
Bren Number 2 Private Rifle

* Batman normally acted as Signaller

** one man armed with scoped sniper rifle

*** rank of Mortar man not stated, presumed

Platoon Weapons

Bren light machine gun held in reserve at Platoon HQ