US Airborne Company 44

US Parachute Infantry Company, June 1944

Numbers in parenthesis indicate number of personnel assigned to role, number of unallocated weapons or number of sub-units in detachment.

Company Headquarters
Unit Rank Weapon Vehicle
Company Commander Captain Carbine
Executive Officer 1st Lieutenant Carbine
Company Sergeant 1st Sergeant Carbine
Communications Sergeant Rifle
Operations (Intelligence) Sergeant Rifle
Radio Operator (3) Private Rifle
Messenger (3) Private Rifle
Rifleman (5) * Private Rifle

* “To ensure full Squads and Platoons”

Company Weapons Pool (issued at CO’s direction);

Launcher, Rocket, 2.36-inch antitank

Gun, Submachine, .45-cal (6)

Rifle Platoon (3), each
Unit Rank Weapon Vehicle

Platoon HQ

Platoon Commander 1st Lieutenant Carbine
Assistant Commander 2nd Lieutenant Carbine
Platoon Sergeant Staff Sergeant Rifle
Signal, radio and code Corporal Rifle
Radio Operator Private Rifle
Messenger (2) Private Rifle
Mortar Squad
Squad Leader Sergeant Rifle
Mortar Gunner Private Carbine, 60-mm mortar
Assistant Gunner Private Carbine
Ammunition bearer (3) Private Rifle
Rifle Squad (2) each
Squad Leader Sergeant Rifle
Assistant Leader Corporal Rifle
Rifleman (7) Private Rifle
Machine Gunner Private Carbine, M1919A4/6
Assistant Gunner Private Rifle
Ammunition bearer Private Rifle

Platoon Weapons;

Launcher, Rocket, 2.36-inch antitank