Honoring D-Day

68 years ago this month, the Allies parachuted from the air and stormed the beaches of France in a day that forever will be known as D-Day. In St. Marie Du Mont, a statue of “Band of Brothers” hero Richard Winters was unveiled marking the anniversary. And here at the Allied Airborne Army our Realism Call of Duty 2 server is set up to mimic some of those epic battles fought throughout the Normandy Invasion.

Operation Overlord was the largest amphibious invasion of all time, an unprecedented assault. In all, 156,000 men landed on the five beaches of France that day. The stiff resistance of the Germans caused more than 10,000 Allied casualties. By contrast, a little over 4,800 U.S. soldiers were killed in combat during the entire war in Iraq. Operation Neptune, as the actual landings were called on June 6, 1944, ended on June 30, 1944. By this time the Allied forces, consisting of American, British and Canadian troops, had established a powerful foothold in Normandy. The Battle of Normandy continued until late August of 1944, and within a year, Adolf Hitler committed suicide and the war in Europe was over.

With World War II-era military planes darting overhead and Normandy’s Utah Beach visible in the distance, a bronze statue emerged from beneath a camouflage parachute, in tribute to a man whose quiet leadership was chronicled in the book and television series “Band of Brothers.” The unveiling of the statue of Maj. Dick Winters was one of many events marking Wednesday’s 68th anniversary of D-Day. The 12-foot tall bronze statue in the Normandy village of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont shows Winters with his weapon at the ready. Click here Read more at CBS News.

Operation Overlord on the Server

Throughout the Month of June, join us on the Allied Airborne Army Realism Server and fight with us as we storm Omaha Beach and Juno Beach and fight in the hedgerows around St. Mere Eglise, St. Marie Du Mont and Chef-du-Pont, France. Fight in environments of Ramelle (a new version) and Brecourt as our server rotates in chronological order 16 different maps. All in one map pack easily downloaded when you log onto the server. Click here for more information about the Allied Airborne Army Realism Server.

Published on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 12:26 PM