January Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.” – Douglas MacArthur

During the period of January 1st thru January 31st, the Allied Airborne Army operated primarily in the Northern sectors of the Western Front in Heroes and Generals holding, advancing and predominately taking the war to the Axis. The Allies have won the last 5 wars straight leading into February. On the home front, we have experienced a surge in recruitment, but a quick drop in enthusiasm has us reevaluating our recruitment process as well as our community structure in a more Heroes and Generals “friendly” direction. On the horizon, the Allied Airborne Army will launch a new website that current members can already begin to see.

Members Report
We are always looking for quality members to join our ranks at the AAA and anyone who meets our basic requirements, and are willing to follow our Code of Conduct will qualify. We are predominately a North American based community, but we do have some Europeans in our ranks. Recently we have received quite a few recruit applications from European players, and we are investigating ways to improve our relationship with a European base. With a game like Heroes and Generals, it would be nice to see AAA activity around the clock.

Becoming a member here is easy. First, register to the site and fill out a recruitment application, please be thorough. Once we receive the application, we automatically grant you access to the Recruit Training section on the Forums. You are welcome to post there, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Just let us know a bit about you. Make contact with us via TeamSpeak and pay attention to our forums. After a month of activity and we feel you will fit in to the AAA, you will become a Private and granted access to the rest of the forums. It’s simple, we are looking for active members that want to work together as a team. If this sounds like you, join us!

Heroes and Generals is a very new game that is still in development, we are an old community that is fairly new with H&G so we are looking for both young blood and veteran players of H&G.

New Member
Allied Airborne Army members, please welcome our newest soldier!

Combat Report
Combat operations in January were some of the most successful yet as a community as we changed up our strategy a bit by moving our units from attacking the Southern part of Europe, to a much more familiar Northern attack while aiding other units and communities all over the frontline.

The Guderian Beta Build was released this month with the “First Blood” single player training simulation to the game allowing players to get the feel of the First Person Shooter side. You can check it out by clicking on the video.

The Allies successfully won 4 wars in a row and predominately conquered the Western Front for the entire month of January… up until they released a Guderian Build update and reset everyone’s characters and Assault Teams which grounded our Airborne units. Currently we are fighting a war in the trenches and the Allies are not fairing all that well. Perhaps a change to the strategy for February is in order.

Communication Report
We are requesting that our members spend a bit more time on TeamSpeak. We have several new recruits, let’s welcome them. If anyone is looking to learn H&G, let’s help them. We can really make it a goal this month to have an active core group of gamers on TeamSpeak. If we are able to keep the activity going consistently between Europeans and North Americans – that would really be a great accomplishment this month!

We will soon have a new website as many of the members already know (post in the Barracks). The simplest explanation is that we are satisfied with our look. Our theme and style will change slightly to adjust to the new site, but our focus with this is to upgrade our back-end and really modernize our code. The end result is really going to be something special, especially for older members of the community!

If you are not joining us every night, try to join us every Saturday night this February at 9pm EST. Check the Calendar for other events throughout the month.

We can not do this without our members. Every penny we receive goes to keeping this website and our servers in operation. We make our payments on the 17th of every month so please try to donate before then. You may donate securely to the Allied Airborne Army through our Donations section or you can donate directly to our gaming server by clicking here.

Published on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 7:57 PM