January Monthly Report

Monthly Report

“Live for something rather than die for nothing.”General George S. Patton


Nearly the entire month of January was spent fighting War 82 in Heroes and Generals. The Allied Airborne Army, along with our brothers in HQ helped turn the tides from what looked like a easy Axis victory, to a slow death for the Axis. Everyday brought new gains for the Allies and out of the ashes of war grew a respectable, funny and real newspaper called the Stars and Stripes created by fellow Ally Anssi.

Winning comes with a price and even though the Allies were out numbered in War 82; War 83 and War 84 saw twice the number of Axis in comparison to the Allies, chain blocking and the old dirty war surfacing again. Some of these issue which will be hopefully addressed in the Oyster Build of H&G. The O Build really couldn’t come any sooner!

Community Report

We are taking some time to reminiscence about the good ole days of the Triple A as we provide our thoughts and prayers to our brother GEN.BlackViper. Easily one of the most aggressive players in Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Call of Duty. Sporting a purple Beret in MOHAA just added insult to your injuries. Members, join us in giving our fearless Viper some positive ju-ju!

If you are one of the old salty dogs of the AAA from back in our MOHAA and COD days, and are having problems login or want to be apart of the Triple A again, PM Kanga or Deadstick and we will be happy to help get you going again here. We would love to hear from you all!

Combat Report
The Allies found ways to put the Axis on their Heals during War 82. Flanking, attacking weak spots, crushing large concentrations, teamwork, teamwork, teamwork!

Even when the Axis had us pinned, we manage to take territory, shift the Axis’ focus and stall their momentum. By the time they were able to launch an effective offense, they ran into stiff resistance.

The War eventually swung in a full circle and on Day 75 of the server – the Allies won taking Berlin and the Axis pride with them. It’s all summed up in this video by |AAA|1LT.Rosiema.

The wars that have follows have been plagued with mechanical issues, dirty play and overwhelming Axis opposition which exposes some of the more pressing issues of Heroes and Generals. We look forward to seeing these bugs and balancing problems resolved in the coming build.

If you are interested in joining the Allied Airborne Army, feel free to fill out an enlistment application.

Communication Report
The big difference between the Axis and the Allies is communication. The Axis pretend to communicate, the Allies embrace it. Join the Allies in the Task Force Channels on the H&G Public TeamSpeak or join the Allied Airborne Army on our TeamSpeak for better privacy. During the EU prime time, the Public TS is seeing 20-40 Allies gaming together. Canadian and Americans – we need to pick it up a notch. It’s during the US prime time that we are seeing a lot of activity. But not enough that a good squad can handle.

So if you are looking for squad based, WWII FPS game play during US prime time – hit us up! This is were you want to be! We are usually around every evening.


Published on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 8:14 PM