July Montly Report

Monthly Report

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog. ” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

With the dog days of summer upon us, and the sweat from our skivvies could fill a canteen, we say good-bye to July and hello to August! Underneath the surface at the 1st Triple A, the gears are grinding and our units prepare for the end the Summer and the beginning of Fall. Some units are on stand-down while others are either refitting or deployed to some God awful battlefield in Europe. So now is the best time to be apart of the AAA if you are looking to get in the thick of things! Throughout August we will be running our Call of Duty 2 Realism Server as well as continue to encourage members to sign up for the Heroes and Generals beta key so they can join those of us who are testing the game.

If you are a past member of the Allied Airborne Army and find yourself MIA on our Command Roster, let us know on the Message Board and we will make sure you are not forgotten – and we welcome you back! We hope to see more old faces here this coming month!!

We continue to make improvements to our website to provide you with an enriching web experience that is sure to put a smile on your face and have you acting nicer to everyone. Your wife will surely notice the change. This past month, we have added a new header that is locked in place to help make navigating much easier. We also added nearly 20 new images that randomly change when you navigate to different pages making the site more aesthetically pleasing. Our Command Roster and units had a few minor updates and we have added a Command Layout to visually help you see the structure of the AAA. Another addition to the website is our Affiliates section and we invite other communities and websites to share links with the Allied Airborne Army. As we add to the AAA site, we wanted to make sure that we were adding some classic AAA flare such as the Challenge Us section where we invite communities to Challenge the AAA to a friendly match. You can find maps, mods and other downloads in our Supply Depot and our Communication Rules section have been reintroduced for those who have become so antisocial they forgot how to communicate properly.

Communications Report

Hey, you can play with yourself, but it’s much more fun with other! So members, start getting on the AAA TeamSpeak 3 Server more this month. The password for the private channels is in the Barracks. The public is welcome on TeamSpeak, but must remain in the public channels. Make sure you add us to your favorites!

Combat Report
If you are not aware – well crap, than you should be… we are running a Call of duty 2 Realism Server. You can read more what that entitles here. Right now we are still running the Normandy Map Pack but will most likely change it up to the MOH:AA Map Pack later this month so we can reminisce about the good old days… mmmm awww! You can get the packs at our Supply Depot. Get on TeamSpeak or our Message Board if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.

We mentioned that some the AAA members are testing Heroes and Generals. The game is free and open for beta testing but you need to sign up to get a key. H&G combines RTS (Generals) with FPS (heroes) and with each build of the game it gets better and better. Since it is in beta testing, it does have good days and bad days so you might need a 50 gallon drum of “Suck-it-up!” if H&G is having a bad day. The AAA has deployed several units to the front in H&G including:

  • 501st PIR – Paratroopers
  • 502nd PIR – Paratroopers
  • 506th PIR – Paratroopers
  • 325th GIR – Infantry
  • 327th GIR – Recon
  • RAF 133 ES – Fighter Squadron
  • XXX Corp – Armor

If you see one of the units engaged in combat at the front, join it and help us out! It’s more fun than getting shot in the funny bone!

Reconnaissance Report

Aside from COD2 and H&G, we have our sites fixed on some other titles that look interesting.
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad might find it’s way in becoming a community gaming server for the AAA. Servers are like women, they respond to attention and love and if we can provide that for RO2, then it might be worth getting a server for. After much improvements from the orignial release, RO2 is tempting.

A new release for Forgotten Hope 2 (a Battlefield 2 modification) came out in July, however it seems to have landing a bit flat here – we are still investigating. A game we would like to see strive is ArmA2: Invasion 1944 which is a total conversion WWII mod for ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead. A server for I44 could be in the near future is we can get enough community support for it.

A new WWII FPS called Enemy Front does look good and will release before the end of the year. Enemy Front is running on the FarCry3 engine and the graphics look impressive. Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be released in mid October which is a modren combat FPS built on the Frostbite engine. Also getting release before the end of the year is Call of Duty Black Ops II which will take place in the future and does look intriguing, however it’s a huge jump in genre for the AAA. You can check out these titles and more in our Game Talk section of the Message Board.

Recuitment Report
Want to command a parachute regiment into combat?? If you come with a good attitude, help out and participating, you will move up the ranks with no problem and we are looking for some new blood to help lead units in the AAA. Before that can happen, you will need to fill out a recruitment application and start at the bottom just the like the rest of us did. Since we are going through a refitting period, it’s only fitting that we refit with some Ricky Recruits. We are always open to new members who believe in our philosophy – you don’t have to be immature to have fun!!! We do not recruit players based on skill. We don’t care how good you are – we only care that you want to have fun and allow others to do the same. We are accepting applications now so snap to it!!

If you are not joining us every night, try to join us every Saturday night this August at 9pm EST. Check the Calendar for other events throughout the month.

We can not do this without our members. Every penny we receive goes to keeping this website and our servers in operation. We make our payments on the 17th of every month so please try to donate before then. You may donate securely to the Allied Airborne Army through our Donations section or you can donate directly to our gaming server by clicking here.

Published on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 9:45 AM