Lost Evidence: Operation Market Garden

This is a mesmerizing look at the bold, top-secret Allied mission that gave the German Army its last major victory of WWII.

  • A cutting-edge combination of CGI animation and aerial photographs.
  • Hear the stories of men who were there from their own mouths.
  • Features dramatic re-enactments and archival film.

The material sat for decades, its unique view of important encounters unseen. Shot from aircraft high above the conflicts, it captures the intense action as Allied forces battled their enemies. Enriched with cutting-edge CGI graphics which create detailed contour maps of the battleground, THE LOST EVIDENCE sheds new light on some of WWII’s most important engagements.

The necessity of the mission was controversial, the logistics hotly debated, and the undertaking itself awesome in scope. THE LOST EVIDENCE depicts the monumental Allied Operation Market Garden with eye-opening clarity, rendering the entire theater in dazzling animation that tracks the fight step-by-step and places individual stories of courage and heroism in their exact location.

In the Fall of 1944, the Allied Command believed the Germans were in shattered disarray, vulnerable to a single bold incursion aimed at opening a route right to the very edge of Germany. The audacious plan was to simultaneously airdrop 20,000 elite troops to take river crossings throughout the Netherlands. The operation began well but by nightfall had taken a turn for the worse. German resistance was far stronger and better coordinated than expected, and airdrops lost accuracy (and survivability) in the darkness.

The full epic of this massive assault – from the sky darkening with Allied parachutes, to the legendary struggle of the British Red Devils, to the final showdown on the banks of the Rhine – has been difficult to grasp until now. But with this episode of THE LOST EVIDENCE it is finally possible to wonder at the human and historical scale of this mighty effort.

Published on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 2:15 PM