March 15th After Action Report

March 15th, 2002

NOTE: The following is an un-edited account of the action against Clan FLARE that occured on March 15th. Comments by 2LT “Deadstick” follow.

SGT Mike ‘Ghost Hunter’ Guess, assistant SL
3/15/02 8pm CST-9:30pm CST
Clan match versus FLARE
7 rounds played
Maps Played: The Hunt, V2, City Hall-PUSH
Results: We were routed. (0-7)


  • BlackViper34
  • ReaperDreams
  • 401
  • Boondoggle
  • Izzy
  • Jimbo
  • Red Cloud
  • Ghost Hunter

Our biggest problem was that were unable to maintain momentum. They had the bulk of their forces rush our spawn point. In the Hunt, two or three of them were able to take out over half the squad with 2 grenades by those rocks by the allied spawn pt. We were able to break out, but casualities were heavy. Similar style was taken on V2. We held on at the middle flag in City Hall, but were eventually pushed back.

(on obj-based maps; specifically The Hunt) only Blackviper34 qualified for the CIB.
(on the team-based map; City Hall) Jimbo, Ghost Hunter, ReaperDreams, Blackviper34, 401, Izzy, Red Cloud qualified for the CIB.
(on V2) ReaperDreams held off FLARE for some time, don’t know what the qualifications for the other medals are…
(for all participants)either Glider & Parachute Infantry Patch(seems to apply best) or Glider Infantry Patch (since you have to have this one before you earn G&P patch).

SGT Mike ‘Ghost Hunter’ Guess
3rd Squad Leader, Victor Company
325th Glider Infantry Regiment

In recognition of their performance, the following decorations are hereby awarded:

  • Glider Infantry Badge: PFC Blackviper34, PFC ReaperDreams, SSG 401, PFC Boondogle, PFC Izzy, PFC Jimbo, CPL Red Cloud, SGT Ghost Hunter
  • Expert Infantry Badge: PFC ReperDreams, SSG 401, PFC Boondoggle, PFC Izzy, PFC Jimbo, CPL Red Cloud, SGT Ghost Hunter
  • Combat Infantry Badge: PFC Blackviper34

– 2LT Jon “Deadstick” Howard
Platoon Leader, Victor Company
325th Glider Infantry Regiment

Published on Friday, March 15, 2002 at 1:44 PM